Jordan’s Bridge signs with Mansion

Jordan’s Bridge has signed a recording contract with Mansion Entertainment. Pianist Joe Lane comments: “We are so thankful to have been able to get with a great record company like Mansion Entertainment. Phil and I had worked with Bill Traylor in the past and he was always been so good to the quartets we were in and a great Christian man. I never would’ve dreamed that a group that has been together a little over a year would have gotten a break like this. … We have had a great time  and look forward to a long relationship with Mansion.”

Mansion President Bill Traylor adds, “Our paths with Jordan’s Bridge crossed due to a long friendship with Joe Lane and Phil Barker.  After learning of this new group’s endeavors they were pursing, I was personally excited about the opportunity to work again with some old friends.  As I anticipated, the sound, the blend and the extraordinary talent of these four men called Jordan’s Bridge, set them in the ranks of Southern Gospel’s best.  I’m grateful for the association and expect that all who hear them on radio, see them on TV and experience them in concert will agree with me that Jordan’s Bridge is destined for success.”

John Mathis first met the group while engineering their Mansion debut. He said, “Right away their experience and knowledge of Southern Gospel Music was evident. That’s when I get excited for the artists I work with, when I see first hand that not only are they talented but they know the music they want to sing, they know the songs they want to share and they know who they are and how to present that. They have all the right elements to make some great strides this year.”

The group’s debut single is “All Who Call,” a song penned by Rodney Griffin. Griffin comments on the song: “I really believe the heart of God was shown when He had Paul to write in Romans:  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  I’m honored that Jordan’s Bridge is singing the song that I wrote after reading this scripture all those years.” The song was originally recorded by the Mark Trammell Trio in 2003, on their first project of new songs. It can be previewed on the group’s website,

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  1. Who are the members of Jordan’s Bridge?

    • Off the top of my head, the only two names I remember are Joe Lane (piano) and Phil Barker (tenor). I’m sure the others are listed at their website, linked to in the final paragraph of the post.

      • Kirk Henry – Lead. Rick Sheets – baritone.

      • Kirk and Rick both are a powerhouse. Love to hear them sing. Kirk has the verses on this single and does a great job. Both guys have a tremendous range. They are a blessing to have in this group. Rick has been in gospel music a long time and does some great concerts. He has groups in the Bristol area like The Hoppers, Greater Vision and Ivan Parker just to name a few. Kirk has sung with Adoration the quartet Terry Carter had a few years ago. Both guys are great Christian men.

  2. They have a fantastic sound. Thanks. I just ordered their cd.

  3. You can checkout Jordan’s Bridge by looking at their website

    We’ve had Jordan’s Bridge at our church. The group did a fabulous job. Spirit filled Godly men that will bless your heart in song. Great harmony & a ton of talent. The piano player is unbelievable! We will definitely be having them back real soon.

    God Bless

  4. I saw one of their concerts when they first got together. I knew then they were destined to be one of the top groups. I personally know Joe Lane who plays piano. After seeing them sing I was refreshed to see how they sing the old time way like I remember years ago when I went to the “All Night Singings” . The other thing that impressed me was they are all out there for the right reasons, to tell people about God through beautiful quartet music.

  5. Jordan’s Bridge has an incredible sound. I would highly recommend this great group. I’m proud to call them my friends. Terry Carter. The Anchormen.

  6. I am excited about this news! I knew from the first time I heard Jordan’s Bridge that they “have what it takes” to make a name in Gospel Music! Phil Barker is my favorite living tenor and Joe is one of my favorite pianists! I enjoyed hearing them at GOGR last year and look forward to hearing them again as much as possible! Thanks for including this News Item Daniel!