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  1. I have had the oppertunity to sing “Burdens” several times with John Moore . Doesn’t get much better

  2. Anybody else see where the Allen Family is getting their own reality show a network TV?

  3. Did Tim Riley leave Gold City at some point? If yes, why —- and why did he come back?

    • He did indeed retire around eight years ago. It was a retirement; he picked up singing with a group (the Southmen) that sang limited dates in their region, but were at home a lot more. He ended up coming back a few years later to give the group some stability during a period of high turnover.

      • Tim has actually retired twice. Bill Lawrence was first to step in, then Tim came back after he left, then Aaron McCune was there for a strong 2-3 years then Tim has been back since he left.

      • Perhaps my memory is playing a trick on me, but I thought Riley’s return between Lawrence and McCune was a brief interregnum, announced as a temporary thing until the permanent replacement was found.

      • Your memory is correct Daniel.

  4. In your review of the Hopper’s Something’s Happening on 9/25/10, you stated “But The Ride demonstrated what the Hoppers can achieve in the studio.”……. Since The Ride is obviously a live concert recording, why do you make the
    statement about the studio? I know you knew it was live, so I just don’t understand. Teacher to student sort of………

    • I’m a little puzzled and not entirely sure what you mean by “obviously a live concert recording.” They released a studio CD entitled The Ride in 2006. It’s one of the best CDs they’ve ever released. Without having that post handy to re-read it, I imagine that’s the recording I was talking about.

      • Without going back, and I read a lot on your blog today (read: I’m tired), I think b/c you mentioned it earlier in the review. OR, it could be that it says “Live from Reynolds Auditorium” on the DVD I’m looking at. OR, we’re talking about two different Rides. I wonder.

      • There was both a CD and a DVD. I do have both in my collection. And I do know that both exist; however, when I’m talking about The Ride as a studio recording, I’m talking about the studio recording. Back in the era when artists recorded a live DVD every year or two, it was fairly common to title the DVD the same as the CD.

      • If I might try to help out.

        I’m pretty sure you guy are missing your connection with regard to the following facts:

        1- The Ride was studio project, recorded independently (I’m pretty sure meaning at “The Farm Studio”)

        2- The Ride also was made into a concert DVD. Many clips exist on YouTube

        I assume Sara is talking about the DVD version and Daniel is referring to the CD.
        So, that leads me to assume that Daniel meant that The Ride was the bar and Something Happening didn’t quite reach the standard/quality that Daniel saw in The Ride.

        Personal note: I remember The Ride because I remember being shocked that the Hoppers were doing an independent recording. (I believe it was their first)

        Sorry if this didn’t help but I thought this might clear things up.

      • Though the Hoppers did record The Ride independently, it was picked up by Canaan Records.

      • If I recall correctly, wasn’t it picked up nine months or a year after release? It seemed like it was independent for a good while before Canaan came along.

      • I don’t remember it being that long, but I could be mistaken. I believe they released The Ride late one year, and Canaan picked it up early the next…

      • OK. I’m pretty sure that their original release and the Canaan release were in two separate years, as you said, but I don’t recall the exact months. Their release came out in 2006; I seem to recall it was out by NQC. I don’t remember when in 2007 Canaan released it; however, I know that they made a huge deal of it at NQC 2007, with The Ride-themed golf carts offering free rides around the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center. For whatever it’s worth, iTunes currently lists the release date as September 4, 2007.

  5. Going back a couple of years into the Southern Gospel blogger history books, does anybody else remember An Artist’s Perspective, the site run by an anonymous artist in the industry? Was it ever publicly revealed who the artist behind it was?

    • Yes I remember. I used to read it as well. I never heard who the person was though behind it.

      One interesting thing I read on there in regards to the rigors of full-time travel and life on a bus, was that there are no functioning washroom facilities on these buses. I find that hard to believe. If so, the bus would have to stop pretty often. Maybe (hopefully) they were talking about 1 specific bus??

      • Must have been a particular bus. The Diplomats just posted a tour of their bus (as part of their “On The Bus With Gus” series on Facebook), and they have both a toilet and shower.

    • I always wondered too! I didn’t always appreciate that guy, TBH. But if it was publicly revealed, everything was gone before I saw it.

  6. To AJ, thank you for your help on The Ride. I believe you’re absolutely right on the money. To Daniel, thank you as well.
    You’re right, too as usual. I think, gentlemen that we can put it to rest. It’s very interesting though, as I didn’t know that artists released a DVD titled the same as a CD. It’s very confusing to me, as I am only little past a beginner in this field; but this is how I learn and I find SGM a fascinating subject.

  7. If you ‘re not going to post my emails, I’m going to stop writing them.

    • Feel free to post or not post; no pressure either way. Do whatever you like. But I will note that everyone’s emails go through a moderating queue so that I can filter out anything inappropriate.

  8. Why was the Jubilee song “worth watching”? (And Daniel, is my question mark in the right or wrong place in the preceding sentence?) And the second sentence as well?

    • I believe both question marks are in the right place. Every week, I spotlight a video that’s worth the 3-5 minutes it takes to watch.