Sharleanae Dotson (Collingsworth) to begin performing with The Collingsworth Family

On June 10th, Phil Collingsworth Jr. will marry his fianceé Sharlenae Dotson. In a post on their Facebook page yesterday, the Collingsworth Family posted a picture of Phil and Sharlenae singing together. The caption noted that it was “a new si[ght] that will be added to all Collingsworth Family performances shortly.”

The announcement did not specify whether Sharlenae would become an official group member, or whether Phil and Sharlenae’s performances together would be a separate duet portion of the program.

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  1. I am a fan of the Collingsworth Family and follow their Facebook page. I have heard them say time and time again that she sings but have never heard her. I was wondering if she would join the group. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear more about it. I just hope that one of the other married girls isn’t going to leave. 🙁 I have been wanting to see them in concert for years now but they have only been close enough a couple of times and I was sick both times. I’m so afraid that we’re going to hear any day now that they are leaving before I get a chance to meet them.