Signature Sound posts another Cathedrals Tribute preview

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound posted another preview of rehersals for their Cathedrals Tribute project:

Since there are a number of shorter clips on this project, we now have a little better idea of the project’s songlist:

  • I’m Gonna Live Forever (I think the subdued choreography is a cool touch!)
  • This Ole House
  • I Thirst
  • God Delivers Again
  • Champion of Love (featuring Ryan Seaton)
  • Mexico (and then, from the first video…)
  • Movin’ Up to Gloryland
  • Life Will Be Sweeter Someday
  • Wonderful Grace of Jesus

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  1. I heard them do “I’m Gonna Live Forever” several months ago during the summer, but I had assumed it was just on an earlier project of theirs that I didn’t have. Little did I know…

    I think that EHSSQ’s version of “Champion Of Love” will break out of the mold that every other quartet that does this song is in. Seaton’s voice sounds good on it, and his singing style is different from the “power ballad” singers like Gerald Wolfe and Scott Fowler that made the song famous.

    Can’t wait to hear this project; I have a feeling that the EHSSQ spin will go great with these songs.

  2. I’m excited for this new project

    I liked the addition of George Y. in the end of the chorus of Champion of love…nice little tribute

  3. I agree – I think Ryan will put a new spin on Champion of Love, and it will be a good one. And including George at the end of the chorus of Champion of Love is a neat little touch that pays tribute without going overboard. 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting Daniel, I am looking forward to this project!!!!!

  5. Woooohoo…saw this video yesterday when Ernie first put it up on youtube and then on his blog. WOW…this is going to be GOOD! 😀 😀 Can’t wait.

  6. I absolutely can not wait for this project to come out! Can tell already that it is going to be SUPERB! I’m taking my daughter to see the guys in June, and we are counting the days!

  7. This “Tribute” is truly a labor of love ~ The Ryman (Nashville) taping in June is going to be one of deep emotion and stellar talent ~ A winning combination! Ernie and his A-Team are honing the dynamics of each song ~ What a great Tribute this shall indeed be. See ya in Nashville ~

  8. I too cannot wait for this project. I wonder if this will be a solo EHSSQ project or if it’s a Gaither Homecoming project featuring SSQ.

    In many interviews, I kind of remember that Ernie was asked about doing a concert in tribute to the Cathedrals. He always said when the time is right; that his group needs to establish themselves first. This, to me, was the right time. They have more than established themselves.

    Make them proud Ernie, Tim, Doug, and Ryan – as I know you will.

  9. Well, whether or not they put a new spin on “Champion Of Love” it’ll be hard to top the original version. I don’t know if it’s just me but if they record a video everytime they release a CD it’s gonna get old eventually…

    That being said, it’ll be a great project for sure and we’re just now seeing what Ryan can do.

    • Well, Gaither does a video with each Homecoming. In fact, with the Homecomings, the whole point is the video. That’s the direction I think EHSS is heading: The point is the video, and they have a studio version of the songs for those who want it.

  10. Why not a live project on CD, like GV does? I still haven’t bought into the DVD thing, myself.

  11. Amy,

    That’s a good question, and I am pretty sure I know the answer. It’s a little hard to verbalize this concept, but I’ll try. When most groups select songs and record projects, they do it with a primarily auditory result in mind: How will this sound on CD, how will it sound on stage?

    A few—Gaither, Ernie Haase, and Phil Collingsworth are the only three that come to mind—think primarily in a visual context, or at least give that factor as much effort as the sound. They think, How will this song stage? How will it fit into our live presentation? How will it look on video?

    Now that isn’t the greatest explanation, but I think it’s at least a big part of the reason.

    (And by the way, how many of Greater Vision’s recent live recordings have come out on CD? Over the last ten years, I can only think of two out of maybe eight live recordings.)

  12. Hmm, that’s a thought.

    I didn’t know that there were very many live recordings with GV. I sure hope there is a CD version of the next one. I had heard of one fairly recently, and then there was the Quartets one – from NQC, right? In those cases, they were taking their studio projects and doing a live version. So I can understand that they wouldn’t release a somewhat redundant version of that.

    One exception to that rule is L5’s Friday Night Favorites – and I thought the CD version was excellent. A little raw, but so what? I’m OK with that.

    Can you put the audio from a DVD onto your MP3 player?

  13. I read on the SSQ website the the taping of the tribute to the Cathedrals scheduled for June 6th was put on hold.

    He said that he was feeling overwhelmed with all the projects going.

    I fully support his decision. I’m sure he wants this project done right and not rushed.

  14. I really wish they would get together with Legacy Five on a song to bring the tribute full circle.

    Kind of like the old “KingsGold” projects.

    • Or maybe those two could get together along with Greater Vision and the Mark Trammell Trio and record a video at NQC this year. 😉

  15. Now we’re talking!! 🙂

    • And actually, they are planning to make a video. The only question is if EHSS will be there. The last few years (since ’03 or so), even when they have been at NQC, they’ve had afternoon engagements elsewhere.