Friday News Roundup #221

Worth Knowing

  • Tribute Quartet bass singer Anthony Davis is graduating from Bethel University in Mckenzie, Tennessee, with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Notably, he maintained a 4.0 GPA through his baccalaureate studies.
  • The McKameys were scheduled to appear at Oak Bowery Baptist Church in Saltillo Community, Arkansas on Saturday, May 10th. That church’s sanctuary has suffered tornado damage so severe that the concert has been postponed to February.
  • Old Paths tenor Jeremy Peace and his wife Jennifer welcomed their third daughter, Elizabeth, yesterday morning. Mother and baby are both healthy and doing well.

Worth Watching

To commemorate Mark Trammell Quartet bass singer Pat Barker’s final weekend on the road:

Also worth watching: Matt Fouch interviews Ronnie Booth.

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  1. How did Pat Barker get w/ the original GV?

    • The Mark Trammell Quartet was appearing at the same concert.

      • Was that when ‘Quartets’ was recorded?

    • Sara, I can help with your question about “Quartets”.

      “Quartets” was released in 2003. You’ll notice if you look closely Pat wasn’t a part of that recording (I bet he would’ve wanted to be though).

      Quartets actually used a lot of in-stock recording. JD Sumner, Rex Nelon & Brock Speer all passed away before this recording was made.

      Because it was released in 2003, I’m not sure if George Younce’s vocals were actually him singing in 2003 or stock vocals. Mr. Younce was alive in 2003 but I believe this is also around the time his health began to get the best of him. Someone else may be able to pinpoint this info better.

      • To AJ: Do you mean to say that’s _not_ Pat Barker in that video clip ‘worth watching’ above?
        Wow! It surely looks real —- technology affirmed!

      • Yes, Pat is in the video above…just not on the Quartets recording.

  2. Daniel, I’ve been watching more than several NQC videos lately, and I noticed 2 glaring ommissions:
    the GVB and EHSS. I feel sure these 2 would/should have been on at least 1 or 2 highlight reels. What’s up with this, if you know?

    • Without knowing or speaking to the specifics, I will note that artists and/or record companies can choose whether to license their performances to appear on compilations.

      • Aha! — Never would’ve have guessed.

      • I see. I didn’t know that, me being a novice and all. Thanks, Editor Daniel.

  3. Gospel Harmony Boys are losing two members, including Jamie Caldwell:

  4. What is a concept video and how are they used?

  5. I hate to see Pat Barker step down from MTQ. They were at Singing in the Sun when we (Jordan’s Bridge)was there. I walked in the auditorium to hear them and I’m gonna tell you I’ve never heard anybody the whole week get a bigger applause than what Pat did. He’s like the Rock of the WWE except Pat is the most electrifying guy in SG music right now. I’ve never heard him sing any better than what he did that night. Most importantly you can tell he’s a Child of the King. I actually overheard a couple say that they had never heard him live and they also said. “You can tell he loves the Lord”. What a great thing for people to say about someone. If you see this Pat I’m praying that God will use you in a mighty way in whatever you do for Him. You’re a true Gentleman.

  6. Thank you Joe. Your words are very humbling. Concerning the video, that was the first time we ever sang together. It was a life changing moment for both groups. We have sung together many times since then, but I will never forget that evening. A dream come true!!

    • You’re welcome Pat. Meant every word Hope you didnt mind the WWE analogy. That video gave me chills. Great stuff there. Btw Pat if you decide to get back in singing get in touch with me. I’d love to have 2 Barkers in Jordan’s Bridge. Had to throw that in there. Twist his arm Daniel for me in about 6 months or less if you choose. Lol.

  7. Congratulaions to Anthony Davis; what an accomplishment! To earn your degree, while traveling a full time concert schedule s something to be proud of. Factor in the cost of college, and the time it takes to achieve a 4.0 gpa……….I dont personally know you but I am very proud of you. In this day and age, a college degree is very important and expected. Once again, Congratulations Anthony!

  8. Anybody know anything about concept videos? What the purpose?