Joy O’Neal recovering from stroke

The Dixie Melody Boys are run by Ed O’Neal; his wife, Joy, who travels with the group, suffered a mild stroke on Saturday. She was taken to the hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thankfully, the stroke was mild, and she was released from the hospital and is recovering. In a statement sent out by group tenor and publicist Matt Felts, he commented:

As many of you know, Ed O’Neal’s wife, Joy, travels with the Dixie Melody Boys. We affectionately call her Mama Joy because she is like a mother to us. On Saturday, she suffered a mild stroke and was rushed to the hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ed O’Neal made the right decision and stayed with her at the hospital while she was treated and as a result had to miss the performance later that night at The Assembly in Broken Arrow. The guys all stepped up to fill Ed’s shoes the best we could and we had a great concert. We want to thank everyone last night including Peter Enns for their understanding and prayers for the O’Neal family. Miss Joy was released from the hospital and is recovering. She will receive additional treatment this week back in North Carolina. Ed was able to be back on stage with us on Sunday morning and does not expect to miss any future dates. We covet your prayers for Mama Joy and for Ed.

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  1. and just where are we supposed to get this up to date information when you close down????? I will miss your blog so much. Living in the north (Chicago area) we don’t hear this. Thanks for the run…..have loved it!

    • I anticipate that most readers will get the latest news from Facebook and Twitter (and Singing News’s website). In fact, it’s been the case for the last year or two that people who follow their favorite groups on Facebook see the latest stories there even before I get them up here.

      • It won’t be the same Daniel! I for one, and am sure many,many others, came here first to see what was going on in Gospel music! I haven’t posted yet about the site coming down, but I wanted to make sure you heard from me. We all will miss you, and wish you would reconsider!

      • Thank you. I do still love what I do here. If it wasn’t for the fact that I need to invest the time I put into this into my health instead, I imagine I would indeed keep it going.

      • We all understand the importance of your health…and we are all behind you 100%…but think about us each morning as we go to see your new post, and then say to ourselves “Oh yeah…”

      • Thanks!

  2. Praying for Joy and Ed, and all the DMB’s during this time!

  3. Amen, Sister Bonnie! I just had to let you know I’d just been thinking those EXACT words…the part beginning with “…and just where” when I scrolled down to the “‘comments’ and lo & behold you had already beaten me to it!

    So, Daniel, you can see the impact is going to leave a great big HOLE for so MANY of us. I haven’t posted much but I’ve enjoyed your blog (turned journal) immensely and found it always enlightening, often intriguing and I’ve learned not only from you, but also from the others who you’ve allowed to share your space as well as those who have shared their own comments. I’ve especially enjoyed the often candid dialog and casual conversation that often would transpire between the casual concert-goer, or just an SGM fan, if you will, and a good many of the regulars, many of them artists…singers and songwriters alike that visited your site after one of your articles. All of the prominent industry insiders speaking so candidly and sharing their thoughts so freely here made the non-SGM industry reader feel like not so much of an “industry outsider”! That’s always what made your site so different and that I will truly miss.

    Daniel, I have never had the pleasure of meeting you but still I can say that I have enjoyed every moment I’ve spent with you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, God bless you and I will be looking for you (although LESS of you, lol!) at NQC! Bless you, Harriet