Singing News shrinks further

I got my February 2009 Singing News in yesterday’s mail—in fact, both of them. The thought briefly flitted through my mind that perhaps Singing News had found it more economical to print and mail two half-size issues to its subscribers each month than one full-size issue!

Last month, I commented on how the issue had shrunk to 76 pages from the 92 and 100 pages of the two preceding months. And that’s probably because of the advertisers, because there are even fewer than last month. Daywind and Crossroads have maintained their typical inside front cover and back cover positions, respectively, and Gold City, Dixie Echoes, Gaither, and McKameys are still there. But unless I missed something, that list covers all the groups running full-page ads. Working in the magazine business myself, I know how hard it is to keep a magazine going in a climate where advertisers don’t feel they can spare the money to keep their ad running. So my best wishes and prayers are with Singing News that they can somehow find a way to pull through this one.

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  1. This might sound a little left-field but maybe you could advertise this fine blog in the Singing News…:)

  2. If I had the money (undoubtedly what the groups are saying!), I’d love to.

    Thing is, though, you typically advertise something where you have a chance of recouping costs. Since the site is free and I don’t sell any advertising, I don’t make any money from this, and I can only put so much money into supporting a hobby!

  3. I have wondered if you ever would think of doing ads on here. I respect and appreciate your keeping it free from the random stuff that Google would love to plaster it with … and since I use Ad-Block myself I don’t get much of that stuff anyway.

    At the same time, if you had a way to do targeted SG-related stuff yourself, even on a separate page, and if it really were useful info, it might be a win-win-win (you-advertisers-consumers) situation.

  4. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of doing that someday. The site gets enough traffic that it wouldn’t necessarily be a waste of money for the advertiser. I just haven’t done it yet.

    My preference would be for something subdued, kind of like the little images I’ve had on the right for several years now.

  5. Yes, I agree.

  6. I also received 2 issues of the Singing News this month! Did that happen with everyone? If they are in financial trouble, this could be devastating.

    Also, the letter from Matt Dibler was very sad to read.

  7. I only received one issue in the mail…what is the 2nd issue? As a matter of fact, I never received my January issue…had to download it off the web.

  8. I never recieved my January issue either. I did get February’s issue today. Wonder what’s going on!

  9. Oh, fine. I just went and got a digital subscription. I don’t think my sister-in-law ever is going to get a hold of her copies and loan them to me! 🙂

  10. The second issue I received was only a duplicate.

    Yikes, I have subscribed to SN for years and never heard of this many problems. I hope they get things straightened out. Can’t imagine life without SN each month.

  11. I’m sure they are gonna try to get people to subscribe tot he electronc version, and eventually cease the printed version. I hope they don’t , but i bet ya that’s what may happen.