Friday News Roundup #222

Worth Knowing

  • Former Brian Free & Assurance drummer Ricky Free, son of group skipper Brian Free, has accepted a position as drummer for Dove Award®-winning CCM artist Matthew West.
  • Songwriter Daryl Williams has announced the return of the Daryl Williams Trio. He will be joined by lead singer Shannon Knight and tenor Brent Mitchell. (This configuration has already been performing together for several months, so it’s not exactly new news, but an official announcement is at least worth a News Roundup mention.)
  • Songwriter Ricky Atkinson & Compassion announced that he will be going on tour with two different Ricky Atkinson & Compassion lineups this year. The official current lineup is Atkinson, Greg Cook, and Loren Harris. He will also do some dates with a second lineup, consisting of pianist Nathan Rogers and returning members Samuel & LaBreeska Atkinson.
  • The Allen Family will be the focus of a new reality TV series on TLC.
  • Worth Reading: Danny Jones’ column, If You Really Want To Do Something (Pray).

Worth Watching

This “Confused Quartet” features every member out of their usual position: Triumphant Quartet baritone Scott Inman on tenor, Legacy Five pianist Trey Ivey on lead, Greater Vision tenor Chris Allman on baritone, Legacy Five baritone Scott Howard on bass, Hoppers alto Connie Hopper on piano, Legacy Five lead singer Scott Fowler on bass, and Greater Vision lead/pianist Gerald Wolfe on drums.

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5 Letters to the Editor

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  1. I’m one of your longtime “silent” readers and only commented once or twice. I’m going to miss this blog, especially these Friday updates. I’m not much of a social media follower and for those of us who refuse to go on Facebook (and there are quite a few of us) will be at a loss.

    On the other having let a long running blog with a small following go last October after running out of ideas I fully understand. It took a lot of thought and prayer to do that but now six plus months later I’m beginning to understand where I’m being led.

    Thanks for your hard work and labor of love all these years and God bless you.

    • Thanks! Did you know that you can bookmark your favorite group’s Facebook pages and visit those from time to time? Those are public pages, and you can see everything they post even if you don’t have an account.

  2. Thanks for posting the link to Danny Jones’ article. A friend mentioned the link recently when I posted a comment that I called “Do We Really Have a Clue” on an artist’s website. I wrote:

    Last night (Saturday, May 2nd), I went to see a concert in Lancaster PA that featured Brian Free and Assurance, Ivan Parker, Steve Ladd, Beyond the Ashes, and the Browders. It was an amazing night of ministry, and the blessings were abundant.

    I feel compelled to write this post because of what “happened” with Brian Free. His son Bryce was graduating from Belmont University in Nashville. The ceremony was scheduled for 9am today (May 3rd) in Nashville. Brian was in Lancaster PA to fulfill his obligation to be a part of the concert event there. He left immediately after the first set (Steve Ladd filled in for him for 2 songs in the second set and was slated to fill in for him tonight, I think). But because he couldn’t get a late night flight out of PA to Nashville, he rented a car, and drove the 12+ hour trip from Lancaster to Nashville so he could be a part of his son’s graduation. Imagine doing a 45 minute set in a concert, driving 12+ hours, and arriving just in time to be at the graduation, without any break or sleep. It made me wonder if we, as supporters of these great gospel artists, really understand the sacrifices they make to minister to us.

    I recall David Phelps performing at NQC a few years ago, leaving after his performance to go back to Nashville to attend to a family matter, and returning the next day to NQC to minister to the audience again.

    So it is with humbleness that I thank the families of all of the artists for allowing their loved ones to be with us as often as they do. I pray that the time their loved ones spend away from home is returned to them 100-fold, and that the blessings will overflow with abundance in their lives. Thank you families, and thank you artists, for the sacrifices you make for us.

  3. I found this interview about the Cathedral Family Reunion. At the end it mentions a possible second recording with original material.

  4. LOVED the Confused Quartet!! Scotty Inman even did the great tenor yodel thing!!