Andrew Goldman joins The Perrys

The Perrys announced this morning that Andrew Goldman will replace departing lead singer David Ragan. Libbi Perry Stuffle commented, “The Perrys are very excited about Andrew coming on board as a part of our team and family. He’s such an incredible singer!”

Goldman comments, “It’s such an honor to be a part of the great ministry The Perrys have. I have always been a fan, and I love their passion to see people’s lives changed.”

Goldman joins The Perrys after spending two years as the baritone for Ryan Seaton’s quartet, Union Street. We featured him in an interview, here.

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  1. Wow! This addition will certainly serve the Perrys well. I am immensely impressed with Andrews vocal range and think he’ll be incredible at the lead position.

  2. Has there been any mention as to the future of David Ragan? I am saddened that he is no longer with the Perrys and hope to have the opportunity to hear him again in southern gospel music. He has one of the nicest personalities and such a pure, rich lead vocal voice. I will miss seeing him with the group and wish him the best with any future endeavors.

  3. I pray God’s blessings on The Perrys and on Mr. Goldman! I don’t know much about him, but people I trust are saying good things about him, so I look forward to his contributions to the Perrys’ ministry.

    • He has what it takes. If he stays on the road, I expect that we’ll be talking about him as one of the best at his position in this genre in just a couple of years.

  4. I supported Union Street on their Kickstarter project a few years back, and have had the opportunity to meet Andrew several times. He will be a great addition with Bryan Walker, the “Singing Cop” from Season 9 of American Idol . The Lord is using the Perrys in a mighty way with all they been through – their resilience is a powerful parallel to our Christian walk. Blessings to all involved, and especially to the spouses and families these artists “leave behind” as they travel this great country of ours to minster the Gospel message.

  5. Home run hire!

    I wonder if Ernie Haase recommended him to the Perrys, since they are on the StowTown label? I remember a number of years back on this very site, Ernie considered Goldman one of the top young singers on the road.

  6. David also has a young family. You never know all the choices that go into something like this. Kudos to the Perrys on a great new hire though!

    • Southern Gospel fans often “feel” these changes more than some may think. Most fans would never invade anyone’s privacy, but at the same time, wonder what is going on out of a true concern for the parties involved. We all have our favorites and, in many cases, have made some type of personal connection with the group members. Some recent group changes have been especially disappointing for many of us. Those departures have me reeling to some extent.

      Wishing for the best for all concerned…

  7. But the Perrys’ Facebook pages have been swamped with such questions about why David left, and I’ve fielded a few myself (replying, of course, with some variant of “I don’t know.”) Jared Stuffle posted to Facebook this evening: “Yes we had a group change and no you have no right to know why. Thank you.”

  8. Hey Daniel, with Andrew leaving who’s going to fill the gap for Union Street?

  9. Found a few clips from when he was filling in:

    I Got Ahold of God this Morning:
    I Owe Him Everything:

  10. I wish the Andrew and the Perrys well in this new adventure. I love this group and hope they continue to rise above all their challenges and deliver great music to the masses. I also wish David Ragan the best in whatever he does in the future. I would have liked to have seen a more detailed press release that told when he’s starting, whose place he was taking (I knew but several people had not heard and were asking questions), where he’s from, and details about family, as I’m not that familiar with the man.

    As for any group going through a personnel change, I would say that while we don’t need or have a right to know certain personal details, we DO spend our hard earned dollars on tickets, offerings, and product, so some courtesy to give us a few pertinent details in a kind manner would be appreciated.

    • Yes, agreed, I love the Perrys, I love David, I love Andrew! I don’t want to think ill of anybody. I’m assuming the best in this situation. Totally agree we don’t need to know everything but even a tiny bit more info would be nice for fans of David.

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  12. Here’s another clip from Facebook, “I Rest My Case At The Cross”

  13. In response to questions, Libbi posted: “I think this conversation has went far enough!! First, I believe in my heart that something’s are better left unsaid. People have good intentions and others have enquiring minds as to ‘know how to pray’ situation, when it’s really just so they can say, they know. And no prayers are ever said. All I will say is: David left the group on his own to go home to deal with some serious personal issues. It’s hard for him to answer your questions because he left FB and Twitter and had his number changed. Best thing is to pray for him and his situation. If you feel you ‘MUST’ know more details or info, then get in touch with him. The questions do get old and tiring when we have so much other stuff more important to do and handle. I’m not being mean, but we love David and pray for him and his family and protect his privacy to deal with this situation.”

    • I wish more people in this industry would be frank like Libbi was. Sometimes, people need to know when to not butt in to other peoples’ business.

      To say that we have a right to pertinent details because we spend our money to support their ministry is ridiculous…are you supporting the Perrys or are you only supporting David Ragan? If you say you’re supporting the Perrys, then wouldn’t you support them no matter who is on the stage with them? Its a ministry TEAM, not just one person.

  14. Regarding singers (like David Ragan) leaving a group: No, I don’t think we have a “right” to know details, but when someone’s departure is shrouded in mystery, it entertains questions. Why not just say”David left the road to take care of family issues.” You can either add that he hopes to sing again in the future, or he has decided not to sing anymore and would prefer to be home. People would like to have answers, simply because we hate that the person left, because we like them and will miss them. So although fans have no “rights” to learn personal business, the groups need to understand that we become attached to the singers, and when they just disappear, it is natural to wonder where we will see them again or if we will see them again.

    • I agree with Jeannie that when someone leaves a group and a reason is not given, it tends to lead to speculation. A simple general statement that the person left for personal reasons would be sufficient. I think this would derail a lot of the questions. Throw us SG fans a “bone” and we are happy! Thank you, Daniel, for sharing Libbi’s post; it was more than enough for me.

  15. Just my opinion, but I think this kind of situation regardless of who or what group is involved, would be a great opportunity for the record label/talent agency/publicist to help the client during any transition. A neutral third party perspective could go a LONG way is helping both the artist and fans who are both in a state of flux. Praying for good………….NO…….GREAT things for all involved.

    • I don’t think I would describe the situation as being in a state of flux. We know, with finality, that David has left and that Andrew has joined.