Jeff Stice leaves Triumphant Quartet

Triumphant Quartet announced this afternoon that Jeff Stice has left the group. The press release states: “After taking a personal leave of absence to reflect on God’s best for his life and the life of his family, Jeff Stice has made a decision to end his tenure with the Triumphant Quartet.  He will be focusing his energies on joining his sisters in helping to care for their parents. While he may pursue other interests in the future, he feels his family and their needs must be the priority in this season of life.”

Bass singer and emcee Eric Bennett commented, “I speak for all the guys in the group when I say that we wish Jeff well in his future endeavors.  He and his family will definitely remain in our prayers.”
The press release added that “the decision to hire a piano player for the group remains uncertain at this time.”
Triumphant started twelve years ago and had a remarkable twelve-year run with the same lineup prior to this change.

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  1. Their amazing 12-year run together was a testament to their faithfulness to God’s call, and their brotherly love for each other. I pray God’s blessings on Jeff and his family, and for Triumphant.

  2. Crazy…it used to be that NQC week and January were the times for these bombshells to come down in personnel changes, not April and May.

  3. Like I’ve said before there is no magic formula keeping a group together ! At anytime life can change and can change when you least expect it ! I will keep Jeff and the QT in my prayers ! The QT will be fine and will do what every group has done with change ! Keep on keeping on or quit ! You know quitting is not on there list !!!!!!!

  4. So many changes… The hits just keep on coming…

  5. While Jeff will be sorely missed, it is IMPORTANT to note the vocal sound of Triumphant will not change. Eric, David, Clayton and Scotty will continue to provide the SAME tight harmonies, vocal arrangements and stage excitement we all have enjoyed for the past almost 12 years. My prayer is for God’s blessings to continue on the quartet and Jeff as they seek His direction for their Christian journeys.

  6. One of the things that I admired about Triumphant is you always knew who was going to be on stage, I even E-Mailed Eric once telling him of this admiration for the group. Prayers to Jeff and his family and Triumphant!

  7. I think Michael said it best..
    One thing you must realize, its not only a hard change for the fans, its equally as hard on a group, no matter what the reason for a change may be..
    Sure, its a difficult transition, but I know personally…if the guys felt they couldn’t continue in the same quality you’ve cone to expect the last 12 years, they would all go to the house.. its never been about the fame or the money for those guys, they genuinely love what they do, yet they work dilligently to give the fans quality, but also variety.. and they are the best at what they do! It’ll be different for a while, but the fans will adjust because you’ll still get the same great music & top notch quality you expect from them.. they won’t have it any other way! Those men are loyal to the fans who love them… and that’s what makes them who they are! BTW…
    The new album is yet, once again, something very fresh, yet..very out of the box! You’ll be intrigued, stunned, and blessed! Lots of twists & turns on this CD, and I’ll promise you this..its nothing like you’ve ever heard from ANY quartet in this generation.. check it out. TRIUMPHANT/ AWESOME GOD

    • Many groups over the years have lost their piano player and now use tracks. As both Mike and Michael have said they are a great group of guys and will carry on. I’m looking forward to having them in Kennesaw, May 31. It will be a GREAT evening and looking forward to hearing. I think this will be about the 19th time that I have promoted them in a concert in our area and have them scheduled again in 2015.

  8. This is sad news.While Michael Davis is correct about the vocals part being undiminished by this change, Triumphnat just lost a lot more than a pianist. Like Roger Bennett, Gerald Wolfe, Wayne Haun and Trey Ivey, Jeff was integral to the group in terms of musical arrangements, song selection and other unseen nuances that only someone of his musical expertise could provide. I think that will show in the long term. On the other hand, I won’t be surprised if Triumphant doesn’t replace Jeff at all. First of all, I’m not sure anyone out there who is available could replace Jeff’s working within that group. Secondly, I assume that Jeff remains a co=owner of the group and that may make it hard to financially hire a replacement. Lastly, Michael Booth and the Booth Brothers have recently pointed out that paying studio musicians to lay down tracks instead of hiring and keeping a full-time piano player or bass player is cost effective because, to quote Michael “You only have to pay those guys once!” And since groups such as The Booth Brothers, The Mark Trammell Quartet and The Kingsmen have shown, singing with tracks alone doesn’t keep you from ascending to the upper echelons of the genre. Plus having no replacement for Jeff keeps the door wide open for a possible return to the group by him at some point in the future. So I don’t really see Eric and the Triumphant guys rushing to get a replacement. What I do see is them relying on Jeff and maybe folks like Lari Goss and Roger Talley to be brought in on more projects in a producing and arranging role. And quite frankly, Lari and Roger would certainly be able to keep Triumphant exactly that in terms of musical quality….”triumphant”! Best wishes to all of them, especially Jeff…..he will be missed by all Southern Gospel fans. Maybe he can make some special appearances with them like at their “Anniversary Celebration” and at NQC! That would be tremendoes and make those events even more special!

  9. Jeff will be missed . Shoot, he was missed at the FanFest last weekend. Here’s hoping they both find their way to what’s best.

  10. Daniel, What webb site are we suppost to go to now that you are quiting?? Ive enjopyed your writings for 2 yrs!! You had a good thing going here! I sure will miss it !! Thanks for all your insights into God Music!!

    • Marlene, the place where you will get news fastest – faster even than here – is going to Facebook and “liking” your favorite artists. Should you not want to join Facebook, of all the sites left when I retire, tends to have the most coverage of breaking news.