Friday News Roundup #223

Worth Knowing

  • The Old Paths announced that their current radio single, “Long Live the King,” written by Dianne Wilkinson and Chris Binion, is going to be a #1 hit on the Singing News charts.
  • The Collingsworth Family announced last Sunday (Mother’s Day) that Brooklyn Collingsworth Blair and her husband, Will, are expecting their first child in November.
  • Leslie Taylor Perkins of The Taylors gave birth to her first child—a son, Isaiah—on May 14. Leslie, her husband Aaron, and Isaiah will return to the road after several weeks of maternity leave.
  • Singing News announced the top five nominees for the 2014 Fan Awards.

Worth Watching

An early look at the Perrys with new lead singer Andrew Goldman:

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  1. Very good for Jeremy, Daniel and all The Old Paths. I got the privilege of hearing them at the Singing in the Sun when we were there. They just amazed me and deserve a #1 with that song. They have every part wrapped up in that group. All I can say is Excellent!!

  2. Perrys new lead rocks. I’ve saw him before but can’t remember where. Pretty sure he sang a special song at a church we’ve been to over the last year. Didn’t know his name until you put the post up.

    • He was hanging out with Ryan Seaton and Aaron McCune as baritone for Union Street until recently. Great guy.

  3. Where is a good Southern Gospel site I can go to for news after this one is gone?? I want one that is run with the same integrity this one has. Thanks

    • I’ll be watching myself. But if you aren’t thrilled with any of the other options out there, I’d invite you to be the solution and start one up!

    • SoGo Radio has a page for “News and Views” where they list all the sites out there right now. You can click on different links from that page and see what you like. Lauren’s Views from the Pew is another really good one:

    • I like Lauren’s Views From the Pew a lot, and Lynn’s Chronicles is good too. Some of my favorite sites haven’t been updated for a while. But if you go to SoGo Radio and click on “News and Views,” there’s a page with all the latest from each site out there.

      (Daniel I’m sorry if this is going to show up twice, I posted this before with a link to SoGo Radio and it didn’t go through! Trying it with no link this time.)

      • No problem. I manually approve all comments.

        There are several blogs I love, but that don’t consistently cover the latest news stories. That’s why I tend to talk about Singing News when someone asks where to find news in the future.

      • That’s not a double negative there, is it, Daniel?

      • I don’t notice one, but perhaps it is eluding me.

    • You can always check out


      • I’ve bookmarked the Singing News and these 2 other suggestions. It will probably take several places to get what Daniel has given us DAILY! 🙂


      • You’re welcome!

  4. I agree with Joe — Andrew Goldman rocks!! I wish the best of luck to the (new) Perrys group. IMO, The Perrys are the best SGM has to offer. I love and admire you so much, Libbi. God has blessed you with the most beautiful voice, and you glorify Him with every song you offer us. May God bless The Perrys.

  5. I’ve been a fan of Andrew Goldman since I saw him with the Ryan Seaton Quartet. From this video, I would say that the Perry’s won’t miss a beat.

  6. Had Union Street Quartet twice in a concert with Andrew and have seen him do solo performances at NQC. The Perrys have made a GREAT choice in being able to add Andrew to their lineup. I’m sure that he will become another one of the fans favorite singers.