Bobby Clark passes away

Bobby Clark, original tenor for the Cathedral Quartet, passed away this afternoon at 12:10 P.M. He had suffered a stroke in February. A celebration of life service will be held on Saturday, May 31 at 11:00 AM at the Temple Baptist Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

Clark was the last surviving member of the original Cathedrals lineup; lead singer Glen Payne passed away in 1999, bass singer George Younce in 2005, and baritone/pianist Danny Koker in 2008. This is the 50th anniversary of the quartet’s 1964 start; he was the only alumnus to make live to see that fifty-year mark.

Here is a video of Clark at the Cathedrals Reunion videotaping:

That doesn’t quite do justice to the Cathedrals’ delightfully tight blend when Clark was with the group and in his vocal prime. Though this is audio only, it comes closer:

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  1. Bobby was one of the finest tenors I ever had the privilege of playing a song for. I know he will be missed by all of his friends.

  2. In my opinion “The Cathedral Quartet was the BEST QUARTET” that ever sung!!!!! I will never forget them!!!!!

  3. Prayers for the family at this time……the 50 yr mark is significant for sure. End of an era. Yet with CFR, and videos, and recordings, their legacy and impact continues. The first time I heard those albums, (with strings and brass) was in the early 80’s. I thought “wow, that’s a whole different quartet!!” Now, I was thinking of “Live in Atlanta”, and comparing that to the Strings album. Different indeed. Those 2 albums were at the time quite progressive for them, and I dare say a bit of a risk.

  4. Undoubtedly one of the finest tenor voices I have ever heard. He was the “singer’s singer.” I am glad I had the opportunity to have personally meet him and fellowship with this gospel music legend when I was with Squire. Yes he will be missed, but what a legacy and talent that will long be remembered. In fact, I am going to look up the ol’ record I believe entitled “The Cathedrals with Brass” and reconnect.


  5. > am grateful I stumbled on your site. in IOWA ,

  6. I got to know Bobby when I traveled with the Weatherfords and had a chance to sing a few times with him during that time. We ended up in the same church in Dallas and we spent alot of time talking about music and quartets. I was privileged to be part of his wedding when he and Patsy got married. Sure am gonna miss a great friend and an even greater singer.

  7. Bobby Clark – tenor… aka Dr. Robert E. Clark was my pastor as a young man. It was through his work for Christ that provided a church house and Christian school for me to be able to attend growing up. He was a terrific friend and pastor who I had the privilege of meeting around the age of 12. Now 32 years later I am very saddened for the loss of my friend, but extremely happy he is absent from the body and present with The Lord Jesus Christ.
    He was and is loved and will be missed until we meet again in the presence of the One who died, was buried, and 3 day and 3 nights later rose from the dead as the VICTOR over sin, death, hell, the grave, all of it!

    Edward Spade

    p.s. Daniel, I had written Bobby and his son Rob an email March 27th just to say hello and catch up a bit. When I didn’t receive any response I started searching and found your site with the story.
    Thank you

    • It is so neat to hear from someone whose life he touched far outside of the spotlight. Thank you for sharing your recollections.

  8. Talked to Patsy Clark yesterday (May 25 ) and there is going to be a memorial service for Bobby on May 31 at Temple Baptist Church in Flower Mound , Tx.(Dallas) at 11am. Anybody who lives in the area and knew Bobby would be welcomed. She wants it to be a Sunday singing , dinner on the ground type service because that was his life and what she thinks he would want. She told me that Haskell Cooley and Roy Tremble are supposed to be there. I am sure she would be grateful for the support and also see some of the people that Bobby influenced through music and minstry.