Friday News Roundup #225

Worth Knowing

  • Wilma Shaw, wife of former Blackwood Brothers tenor Bill Shaw, has passed away (link requires Facebook login).
  • Ellen Gerig’s Bass Singers Quartet video has passed 1,000,000 views on YouTube. That’s a milestone that very few Southern Gospel videos—and even fewer non-early-Gaither-Homecoming videos—have ever passed.
  • Chris Conover, an Assistant Professor of Theology at Campbellsville University-Louisville, is conducting a survey on the demographics of Southern Gospel, here.
  • Worth Reading: Tim Challies on why good doctrine leads to good songs.

One more thing, for those who have asked: I plan to post announcements of any new books or other writing projects at

Worth Watching

To come full circle: Here is the group and the song that made me a Southern Gospel fan:

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  1. Thanks for rounding up all the news in the last few years! (225 weeks!)

  2. The Cathedrals of the ’90’s singing “O What A Savior”! It really doesn’t get much better than that!

    Thanks Daniel for all your hard work. You will be missed…wish you’d reconsider but we understand the idea of following the lead of The Holy Spirit. Has anyone told you they were stepping up with a replacement blog????

    Thanks again. May God bless you in all your endeavors.


  3. Thanks for your devotion to this blog. Unfortunately I just found it about 7 months ago but I have enjoyed reading it during that time.

    God bless you in your future endeavors. Don’t be a stranger.

    • Thanks! Today’s post is not the final post, by the way. There are several more in the works. It is only (probably) the final news roundup.

      • So are you completely shutting down or will there be occasional posts? Your thoughts and insights have been so good and I have checked this sight pretty much everyday since finding it a few years ago. Thanks for all the hard work and insight into so many things! I myself will epically miss the weekly news roundups. True most stuff can be seen online these days but you provided not only a place for it all to come together but also to comment and discuss things. It was always nice to discuss and even to see artist comment on things. Thanks so much and may God bless you!
        Is there anyone doing a weekly roundup type thing were we can get info and comment?

      • You’re welcome. For the time being, I’m going to stop completely. But it’s always wise to “never say never” as to what the future may hold! Yes, Matt Fouch, bass singer for Legacy Five, is doing a weekly news roundup as part of his podcast/video blog.

  4. Please remember the Old Paths Quartet in your prayers. Their trailer with their sound equipment, product, and stage wardrobe has been stolen.

  5. Since we all could use a little good news today: Pat Barker is recording a solo CD. 🙂

    • Daniel, I have enjoyed your informative blog for several years, and it will be a “big-miss” to not have it to read when you finish posting. Enjoyed your thought processes and challenging writings. Hope you will miss it enough to write more occasionally.
      Thanks for keeping us up to date on things that are sometimes hard to get reliable knowledge about.
      I hate good byes, and I will just say I’m going to miss your columns arriving in my emails.
      So long, and God’s blessings on your next endeavors.

      • Thank you so much! I read an interesting post from a Christian writer earlier this month on good-byes, and it has certainly been on my mind for these last few weeks. I thought about including it in this news round-up, but I couldn’t think of a way to work it in. But your comment provides a nice open door to pass it along here:

  6. Wow, that’s an awesome Cathedral’s video…and song. I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard that one; but that group of the Cat’s is the best! I’m thinking The Old Paths remind me a lot of them…and I hope they are around as long. 🙂 Praying their trailer will be located without loss or damage.

    Thanks, again, Daniel for your love and service to this music. I’m glad there will be a few more posts!

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for the encouragement. Interesting comparison between the Old Paths and The Cathedrals; food for thought there!

  7. My prayers are with Bill Shaw and his family!

  8. God bless you Daniel. While I am happy that you are moving onto a new phase of your life, I am sad that after all these years, this will not be the first thing I click on each night when I get home.

  9. When I first listened to the video of Pat, I hardly recognized his voice!

    • Some Southern Gospel bass singers are so specialized that they can only sing bass. Pat is a versatile all-around vocalist; he was a worship leader, singing in the congregation’s range, between his years with the Diplomats and his years with the Dixie Echoes / Mark Trammell Quartet.

  10. Thanks Daniel, gonna miss miss you and this blog. thank you for being a reputable, and no compromise and servant to Christ!

  11. I just took the survey… interesting stuff. Any idea if there’s a place we can find the results?