Matt Felts leaves Cross 4 Crowns

Matt Felts announced here that he will be leaving Cross 4 Crowns. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.] He stated: “I want to thank Cross 4 Crowns for the opurtunity to work with them. I pray God blesses them in the direction they are headed. I look forward to the doors God will open in my ministry.”

After coming out with an impressive major-label debut project (reviewed here), this is the group’s third tenor in about a year’s time. If they can find another tenor at the level of the last two—and manage to keep him for a few years—they have a solid chance to move into one of the top tiers of Southern Gospel groups.

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  1. Its a shame they couldnt keep Felts. A tenor of his caliber could have took thaken to the next level. Its odd he left after only three months and Dallas Roges left in a short time as well. This is usually a sign that there are issues going on inside the group. That makes it hard for a small group to break oto a bigger scene.

  2. #1, you’re my all time favorite basketball player! 🙂 (I’m sure you don’t EVER hear that!)

  3. Yeah its just sad that Im 5 foot 7 and have a vertical jump that is about 4 inches. I guess the NBA will have to live with just one Reggie MIller.

  4. Reggie,
    It is at times a sign there are problems in the group. However, it could also just be a coincedence seeing that Dallas has been in atleast 4 groups in the past 4 years. But you never know 🙂

  5. Reggie: The tenor before Dallas Rogers had been with the group for quite a while before leaving. (several years, I think? I’m not sure how long..) So, I think if there were problems in the group, his tenure would have been short like Dallas and Matt’s.

  6. I would say it is not with the group, but with the tenors.

  7. I think Felts was with Monument for a while so it may just not have been the right fit for him. From what I know Felts and Cross 4 Crowns are both of pretty high integrity so I don’t expect it to be anything. We shouldnt read into things to try and hurt a group or a singer. Cross 4 Crowns is a great group and will be fine and Felts is an awesome singer so he will be alright to.

    • Good point. Maybe he just didn’t fit their style. That kind of stuff happens sometimes.

      Ernie Haase was with the Dixie Melody Boys for a few weeks. Through no fault of his or Ed’s, he just wasn’t cut out to be a country Gospel singer in the DMB Band days.

      Ray Dean Reese was with the Kingsmen for a few weeks. Not that he was a bad bass or couldn’t fit their standards, I think he just thought it wasn’t worth giving up a job and taking a chance on the boys from Bryson City.

  8. “Ray Dean Reese was with the Kingsmen for a few weeks.”

    That’s not what you mean, is it? I think you probably mean Inspirations? (I’m not an expert in Kingsmen history by any means.)

  9. Sorry, I meant Inspirations.

  10. #7, #8:
    My comment wasn’t necessarily putting Felts down, but I was trying to say that I didn’t think there was conflict in the group, just that the singer probably wasn’t in the right place…now for Dallas, we’ll see how long he stays with the Inspirations.

  11. Yeah, I think the short time does not reflect poorly on either just that he didnt feel that it was a good fit for him. I respect that he left before getting on a cd like most singers do. They wait till the album comes out, then quit. He’s an incredible singer so Im sure we will see him somewhere soon thats a better fit. I could see him somewhere style wise like the Booth Brothers or Gaither Vocal band.

  12. What every happen to the tenor before Dallas, was his name Jonathan something? He was a great tenor as well as Dallas and Matt. He had a great voice and stage presence. Where is he now? There can be problems in groups, but if groups stop looking at Jesus Christ and put there focus on besides Him, there will always be problems. Groups need to keep their focus on the true reason they are out there, to see lost souls save, and to minister to hurting people.

  13. I know these guys personally and it has nothing to do with either Matt or C4C actually. It was just a mutual agreement. Crossroads is still behind this quartet which should be the final say if the problem started from the inside. They just don’t get behind anyone!!

  14. A friend of mine knows Matt and said that he left because he didnt feel it was the right fit for him but he spoke extremlly high of the guys. He said they were awesome guys and knew they were going to be a top group for years to come. He is going to fill in for them till they find a replacement. It spoke volumes of who he is and it answered my questions of why he left. I really want to see him with them before he leaves.

  15. Crossroads is not responsible for any personal problems or change that may occur in a particular group they distribute. This is the group’s responsibility to handle. I do know this group needs to find some stability if they would like to continue future success.

  16. Cross 4 Crowns are personal friends of mine as well as Dallas, and Matt. They do need some stability which I beleive they have found in a GREAT tenor, Marcus Faulkner. They are without a doubt one of the BEST groups around. What make them even better in my opinion is the reason they sing…there is nothing fake, or unreal about these guys. Allen is doing a good job leading these guys and putting Christ first. I wish all groups did this. I am sure if they continue to serve HIM, doors will open and other too will see what I see!