New Gaither Vocal Band Photo

The photo posted with last week’s press release announcing the new Gaither Vocal Band lineup was such a bad Photoshop that even tenor Wes Hampton referred to it as “hideous.” [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link appears to be down, and has been removed.]

Anyhow, Hampton has posted a much better picture of the new lineup:


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  1. This morning’s newsletter from Springside is announcing the release of the reunion project … and in the best-sellers list, the pre-order sales had already placed both items on the top 10. How often does that happen?

  2. I think it’s happened before, but I can’t remember which titles did it.

  3. THAT’S better! lol The other picture was pretty bad, I must say…

  4. The first picture was only a temporary picture.

  5. Where has Guy Penrod of the Gaither Vocal band gone. Hope he has not left the gospel music field.
    Any on know where he is!

  6. Even the picture has me grinning in anticipation!!

    It also appears that Mark Lowry has cool hair now….Watch Out Ernie!

  7. I do feel bad that perhaps Guy left because he felt Gaither was not doing the “right thing.”

  8. Guy will be starting a solo career which I think he will do very well at, ala Mark Bishop and Ivan Parker. I will buy his stuff I know that for certain, He also plans to release a Family Friendly Country album ala “Jesus And John Wayne”.

  9. Granted, sometimes when a singer starts a solo career it’s because something so horrible is going on in a group that they have to leave.

    But sometimes – usually, I think – they want the flexibility or other benefits of a solo career.

    My rule of thumb: Never assume the worst, always assume the best—and you’ll usually be right.

  10. #5…see the other posts on this website concerning the GVB. Everything is explained (well…MOSTLY everything!) there.

  11. Maybe Guy Penrod wants less touring time so he can be with his large family. He’s earned the time and going out on his own gives him more freedom to monitor his schedule. He should prove successful in his new endeavor. Will also miss Marshall Hall. He definitely added a unique edge to the Gaither Vocal Band that will be sorely missed. Glad Wes Hampton is staying and all the others are experienced with the Gaither arrangments and will do quite well. Am anticipating how the sound of GVB will be this time around. God bless ’em!

  12. I wasn’t sure which “GVB” thread to post this under, but I thought this was the most recent one…so hopefully it’s ok. I found this on…it’s Emily Sutherland’s latest blog. If I’m not supposes to do the “copy and paste” thing on here I am sorry. I just thought this was VERY relevent. I know I am as guilty as speculating as the next person and this definitely helped ME out! Here it is…as I said this is from Emily Sutherland’s blog….
    Over the past couple weeks I have heard occasional “rumblings” that there are a few people out there who have raised negative, speculating questions about the “real story” behind GVB staffing changes, sometimes using my January 13 blog post as fuel. I usually try to be diplomatic and politically correct… and I’m still trying. But seriously… staffing changes HAPPEN. Life changes, needs change, circumstances shift! We don’t seek out change… change seeks us.

    If you chose a different path for your life or business that you had prayed over, sought counsel about, and lost sleep over… and had that choice criticized by people who had not done any of those things over that same decision, you might understand what a waste of time it is to try to speculate or second-guess how or why certain decisions were made. Bill isn’t questioning how you run your business or your decisions because he isn’t you. Let’s offer him the same courtesy.

    Sure, we all feel personally connected with our favorite artists. But we don’t own them and we are not responsible for how their lives shake out. God, however, is. He is the one who has guided this process for everyone on the inside of the situation, whether or not everyone likes it. Trust me on this. I don’t protect or stand for unethical business practices, just as I don’t stand for unfounded gossip.

    I am THRILLED to tell you something that I’ve known for a couple weeks and I think it’s time to let you know. There is a concert on February 12 where two of our five GVB members had pre-existing commitments and cannot be at the concert. So guess who will be singing the fourth part that night. Marshall Hall! He and Bill have not had any kind of falling out. They have both struggled with the reality that God was prompting a new direction, they both believe He is in it, and they love each other to pieces. I happen to know that Bill has personally spoken with a bunch of his friends to find a situation that will fit Marshall’s heart and passion for worship. Everyone who works with Marsh is cheering for him because he is simply a pure joy to work with and is a rare talent.

    I know we are all looking forward to seeing him on the 12th. The only person who might be disappointed that all the new members won’t be present is Marshall, who is their biggest fan. So please let’s settle down and let ourselves enjoy a new season for what it is… a new season. It is okay to celebrate both the PAST and the FUTURE at once.

    I appreciate you all. Thank you for letting me get this off my heart.

  13. It’s great to see David and Mark back and to have Micheal English aboard; but what happened to Guy Penrod, he was my favorite. Did he quit singing or what? Please tell me he’s still around!!!

    • He’s still around, as in not dead or deathly sick. He’s working on a solo project.

  14. that’s great…..

  15. I want more photos with GVB….if its possible….

  16. As a guy not quite closing in on age 50, But dragging 40 to death…I’m aware of my daily battle with mother nature and her gravity pull… and the inevitable aging process.
    However I’m completely cool with it.
    But it appears that 3 of the members have had a little nip and tuck here and there??? Something appears different especially in the eye’s region?
    Am I the only one seeing this?