Triumphant Quartet posts samples of new CD

Triumphant Quartet has posted 1-minute samples of their new CD on their myspace page, (Hat tip, Dinana!)

My guess from these clips is that “The Day of the Lord” will be my favorite track off the new project. “One Drop of Blood” also sounds strong.

“Amazed at the Change” is the same song that Liberty Quartet used as the title track of their most recent project, released last year. The song was penned by Rodney Griffin. The arrangements aren’t much different.

The black choir on “Jesus Built This Church on Love” sounds interesting.

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  1. I ordered this album from their website this morning, I am looking for forward to getting it!!!!!!

  2. Looking forward to us having them in concert March 29 in Acworth, GA. Hope they will have the new cd with them then.

  3. I got an email back from them that said they will have it in late February, so I gotta wait a little longer than I expected.

  4. They are great!!!!!!!! Jeff Stice on the piano is something else and David Sutton as tenor is one of thebest I’ve heard! I will see them this weekend then again in March. Looking forward to it!

  5. They are one of the best groups around. I always look forward to seeing them at NQC.

  6. I see that there has already been a change in the song selection on MySpace (there is a 6 song limit, after all, so you have to alternate sometimes, I guess) but the TQ website is featuring samples of all of the songs if you go to the merchandise/music page. ( )