Jeff Snyder joins Greenes

Jeff Snyder, who previously sang the third part with Mike & Kelly Bowling, has joined the Greenes. (This means Paul Lancaster has left the Greenes.) If the Bowlings have selected a replacement, his name hasn’t yet been announced.

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2 Letters to the Editor

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  1. I saw the greenes not too long ago (2 wks ago i believe) and Paul was with them. The next day i heard that Jeff was joining the greenes (via email from mike and kelly bowlings elist/got a call from a friend of mine who talked to a direct source). I hate that Jeff is leaving because m/k bowling were really geling as a group and that lineup was REALLY GOOD live.
    From listening to paul at the greenes concert: I really enjoyed his voice (first time hearing him live) and he had a great stage prescense. I don’t think he was as high as brad hudson, so maybe jeff has a higher range?
    All in all God knows what He’s doing and each group plus paul will be success anyhow!

  2. Jeff Snyder has a rich tenor voice with smooth harmonizing ability. I just hope the Greenes have found somebody that will stick around.