More videos from new GVB debut

Reader Jamie emailed me with a link to several videos from last night’s debut of (most of) the new Gaither Vocal Band:

Ever the one with the sense of history, Bill Gaither had the new GVB come on stage with the song that kicked the Homecoming phenemonon off:

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  1. Nice sound…I think this will be a good group…a great group!

  2. Interesting. What’s the deal with Bill playing the piano?? Where’s Gordon? Or did Bill just play for the opening song?

  3. He just played for the opening song; watch the guy’s other videos and you’ll see that on song #2 (I forget which it was) someone leads Gordon out.

    It was an interesting way of bringing the group on!

  4. Its nice. But I just love this song when the previous GVB sing it on Singnature Sounds DVD ‘Get Away Jordan’. When Guy begins his solo part, the entire audience just burst into applause!


    I think you’re referring to Guy’s solo on ‘Home.’

    I don’t think GVB sang ‘Where Could I Go’ on that DVD.

  6. Wow! from just a trio way back when Bill, Danny and Mary Ann began all of this to a Gaither Vocal Band and now a quintent. Amazing!I LOVE the Gaithers and have followed them for many, many years. I have tickets for the Gaither Homecoming Concert in Fort Worth, Texas on April 3rd and 4th…..and am very anxious to see and hear this new group.
    Personal opinion, but I wish Mike English would tuck in his shirt AND…are those blue jeans he is wearing? (in the video from the 1st appearance/concert? Somehow, to me, his attire looked out of place. Ya’ know, Guy could wear jeans, his big belt buckle and that wide brimmed hat and/or his long black coat and I’d think nothing of it, it just seemed to match his personality~~~ but, for some reason, Mike’s choice of dress is more distracting than appealing. May be old fashioned, but I’d like to see him shed the necklace as well. See ya’ at the concert!