Video of Blackwood Quartet

I came across a video of Ron Blackwood’s Blackwood Quartet on YouTube. Stand your computer monitor on its end, and here you go:

On second thought, maybe just listen. There are two other clips, here and here, that are an even lower quality. But it certainly seems that this group has a very solid sound.

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  1. thanks Daniel they sound pretty good!!! I am going to hear them tomorrow night!!!!!!

  2. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts here!

  3. I think they have a great sound. Hope Ron’s rep doesn’t influence peoples opinions of the group.

  4. The group is very good. They’ve got a fabulous sound. We enjoyed them on the cruise last week.

    The only gripe I have about the group is that Ron sits up on the stage during the performance and just randomly bursts into song or starts some sort of commentary during the middle of a song. Not to mention that he practically begs the audience to clap and/or cheer.

    If Ron would just learn to let the five guys on stage sing and do their jobs that he’s hired them to do, it’d be great. He just takes away from the talent up on the stage.

  5. I guess I’m missing the whole point of having the video sideways…maybe there isn’t one.

  6. I’m not sure there is a point. I just thought it was a little funny that the sideways video was the best of the three I found.

  7. I sure will Daniel I will post my thoughts tomorrow and maybe some video, it wont be sideways lol 🙂

    • Our computer screens thank you!

  8. #6- It shows up widescreen that way. (just kidding)

  9. Well guys I went and saw the “Blackwoods” last night in a local theater, it was packed out with around 200 or so people. The night was opened by a local family called the “Kinman” family they were not bad. Now on to the “Blackwoods” they came out singing “I’ve Got That Old Time Religion” they had a good blend on this song. Next was a highlight for me John Rulapaugh sang “At The Cross” and absolutely tore it up!!!!!!!!!!
    Then Ron did the intro’s he is a pretty good Emcee and really works the crowd. He bragged about Trent Adam’s for awhile then had him featured on “Wonderful Time Up There” Trent is an impressive Bass singer for his age without a doubt. Then Josh Garner (Who is one of my favorites) was featured on “I will Never Walk Alone” A song that fits him well!!!!!!! They then sang “Canaan Land Is Just In Sight”, Trent was again featured On “I’m A Child Of The King” This was a big highlight for me, he reminds me of a young Jeff Chapman!!! I just love his Bass Voice!!!! Then they had John sing a great tenor song “Hide Thou Me” he brought down the house with it!!!!!
    Then Joe Cox was featured on the Piano, He played Holy, Holy, Holy. Then Ron introduced Tracy Trent by telling his story about how he came out of drugs, alcohol and living under a bridge. It was a touching story, then Trent sang “Sheltered In The Arms Of God” and then the highlight of the night for me anyways and judging by the crowd reaction was Josh Garner singing “For God So Loved” it was awesome!!!!!! They encored this one it was just awesome!!!!! Then they had a 20 min intermission after the intermission the Kinman’s came out and did a couple of more numbers. Then Tracy came out and did some old Elvis songs, he has a CD of him singing Elvis. After that they “I’ve Made A Reservation” Then they sang a patriotic tune entitled “O Say Can You See” it had a good message. They closed the show by having the Kinman Family join them onstage singing “Amazing Grace”

    Overall it was a good night Ron and his boys put on a good concert and I left feeling like I had not wasted my 12 dollar entry fee. This group if they stick together may go places they have some really good pieces, John and Josh really bring power and then some with Tracy and Trent bringing some solid singing on the low end. Like I said this group could go places if they all stick together. Sorry this was so long 🙂 I have video but do not have it up on YouTube yet, I will post it here when I do.

    • Thanks!

      We’re looking forward to some right-side-up videos of the group! 🙂

  10. LOL will do Daniel 🙂 just gotta fix my printer so I can upload my videos off of my SD card 🙂

  11. Sorry to post on this again Daniel but I finally got some videos uploaded from the Blackwood concert I went to. Here is one of my favorites its John Rulapaugh singing “At The Cross”

  12. Ya know it bothers me when people fuss about Ron’s “rep” or his being on stage the whole show. Because he is a wonderful, fine guy whom God forgave and is giving another opportunity…i really respect him…and he really adds to the show, bringing audience involvement and encouraging praise of the King.

    Each one of the guys, while all good singers in their own right, are holy men of God who walk the talk….lots of integrity here.

    May they continue to spread the Word and His message in song.

    LOVE y’all!!!