Hannah Montana on SG Radio?

I’ve heard word from inside sources that pop icon Miley Cyrus, known best for being “Hannah Montana,” will be singling a song to Southern Gospel radio. The song is entitled “The Climb,” and is to be promoted by the Rick Hendrix Company.

If this ends up coming through, it would certainly be one of the most unusual stories I’ve come across in the years I’ve been doing this site. Though Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus is enough of a pop culture icon right now that I’ve certainly heard of her, through news headlines and online message board discussions, I’m among the few (?) who have never actually heard one of her songs. I suppose that could be changing pretty soon.

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  1. I imagine there are more SG fans than just you who haven’t.

    Why on earth would they do something like that?

    I don’t get SG radio here, so I don’t know that I’m likely to hear it. I won’t cry. (Actually I pity the girl… Not meaning to be unkind.)

  2. It certainly might attract a little attention to SG. I can imagine a surprise appearance during the “Dream On” tour …

  3. 😯

  4. Or not. 😀

  5. And somehow I can’t picture a Homecoming lineup of GVB, EHSS, Ivan, Janet, Booths, Hoppers…and Miley. 😯

  6. well…
    Her father is a Kentucky boy, and has a positive country single out now.

    His roots are not far away from SG–so maybe there’s more to the kid than we give her credit for.

    (Just a hopeful thought…)

  7. Billy Ray Cyrus’ father had a gospel quartet in Kentucky during the 60’s. Billy Ray himself released a gospel project a few years back, “The Other Side,” that included an AMAZING song called “I Love You This Much.”

    Doesn’t entirely surprise me that Miley would do such a thing, but I AM somewhat surprised that Disney would go along with it….

  8. As the Mom of 5 and 8 year old girls, I hope this is true. I would love for the future of SG music to include targeting our kids. They both enjoy SG music as it is, but this would be great!

  9. can’t wait for THAT singing news cover.

  10. I bet this is going to be a country song… Carrie Underwood/Jesus Take The Wheel type song. They’ll release it there, too. ???

    I have issues with this. However, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it will matter much. It probably won’t get much air time. I wouldn’t count on it even charting in the top 30. But who knows… crazier things have happened, right?

  11. DONT COUNT on it. If Rick Hendrix is promoting it we might just have Singing News song of the year WOOHOOOO

  12. sorry if i seemed a little harsh in my first comment. I think it would taint and damage the message of the Gospel. We all love the “positive” songs, and the “positive” artists. There is a place and time for that, and SG radio in the day that we live in is not the time for it. In the days that we live in, people need to hear a more clear message of the Gospel than ever before, not watered down, not wavering, not changing the words so as not to turn off the crowd. I just don’t think it would be a good idea.

  13. I saw on facebook hendrix was doing this I guess the powers that be are letting him do what he is capable of now that he turned the corner and fought the fires 🙂 Good for him

  14. Matt, think of it this way….this could be a MAJOR way to draw not only a built-in audience to SG radio, but also a major YOUTH audience. Get Miley Cyrus on a SG station, and every 11-16 year old girl will stop and listen, and follow it up with Signature Sound, then Gold City……program it right, and you’ve got them, then just think of what kind of message we can give them.

    As long as the message of the gospel is not compromised, I see it as a win-win situation in the long run.

  15. Very often, traditional evangelicals tends to have a difficult time handling cross over artists.
    Cross over from the spiritual focus to secular market place, not to mention the many genres within gospel music as defined by the Gospel Music Association.
    I might be one of the those kind of evangelical but will not cite any example because it is a judgement call by my culture and surroundings.
    Good thing we do not have to leave to beaver but we can leave to God for those judgement calls when the roll is call upon yonder.

  16. wow…ok??? 😮 Not to be harsh but I don’t esp. like Miley’s voice….like AT ALL! lol Haven’t heard A LOT of her though, so I’m one to talk! 😉

    #2: Ummm NO! Ya.

    #14: ALMOST every 11-16 year old. 😛 I’m 15–and I ALREADY love SGM. I don’t know if we need to bring in someone like Miley (who reallllllllllllly isn’t SGM!) to accomplish that….it would obviously bring more of an audience and yes I see your point…

  17. Rick Hendrix did release bette Midler “This Ole House” to SG radio LOL this should be a piece of cake compared to her trashy mouth….

  18. What a riot!

  19. Positive Pop and nothing more…It will never play on SG radio, but when Rick Hendrix sends her single out for free it gives him the opportunity to send out a press release… it costs him very little extra to release it, cost him nothing to send out a press release, and voila Rick Hendrix is “closely” linked to Miley Cyrus.

  20. You also have to remember that the Cyruses do come from a Christian background. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Billy Ray did an album with Amazing Grace. But it is kinda weird with Miley doing it. Personally, I think the Jonas Bros. would be better at Southern Gospel.

  21. Dr Phil or DJ Phil- My free assistant, asked me to take a FREE min of my time, to go to my free cell phone and type a free comment on this free web site about me doing FREE work LOL You trip me out man. Nice analogy-I am just sorry to inform you….here are the facts…. I Rick Hendrix and DBA Rick Hendrix Company LLC are the ONLY licensed RIAA and FCC record promoters in ALL of Christian music….What this means is—your theory is not only wrong about my agency–it is illegal for a MAJOR label or artist to hire me for free. Not only is it illegal for me to call on an artist to radio without compensation-it is illegal for the label to use licensed promoters at no charge. I have adhered to these practices in my Southern Gospel side as well…I have exclusive promotions agreements with my SG artist to prevent other record promoters from trying to use my artist names to lobby for work on comp CDs…. So, your theory is true for some promoters and agencies… But, you might wanna get new friends and informants and chase after these smaller companies…because where I am sitting–I think its not only a rip off to do the practice you speak of its a TOTAL injustice to us promoters that fight for our numbers and airplay presence..its robbing the artist to mislead and defraud them of their money by claiming associations…..Not being mean –but you should go after companies that are doing this…not me…And you WILL NOT find a Rick Hendrix artist…..Bill Gaither, Gaither Vocal Band, Ernie Haase and SS, Jason Crabb, Isaac’s, Mike and Kelly Bowling, Michael English, Oak Ridge Boys, Crossway etc……on ANY other companies disc….

  22. I don’t think it is such a stretch. Dolly Parton appeared as Hannah Montana’s Aunt on her show. Dolly is certainly connected to Southern Gospel, so there has to be some crossover appeal. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssj1yig9pX0 for a nice little clip of Miley, Billy Ray and Dolly singing together.

  23. I just listened to the song that will be playing, “The Climb.” The song is a positive country song. However, this is not a spiritual song… not to the believer anyway. It seems, in my opinion, to be speaking to believing in yourself. She uses the lyric, “keep the faith,” but I don’t see a connection to a personal faith in Christ. Which leads me to the question…

    … Why are we playing this or songs like this on SG radio stations? There are plenty of songs with positive messages on Country radio stations. In fact, some of them even make reference to their personal faith in Christ. If I really wanted to hear it, I would listen to those stations.