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  1. Cool! I do the same kind of thing with songwriters on my music collection!

    By the way: if you only need one worksheet, it saves time, space, and memory to only have one sheet in your Excel workbook. (It’s not a lot of space, but given enough worksheets, it starts to add up.)

    So, if you only need a workbook with only one page, go to “Tools–>Options–>General tab–>”Sheets in New Workbook”–>change to 1″ (or however many you typically need in a workbook. I only ever need one, but if I need more, I add ’em.

  2. Good point!

    I actually use OpenOffice.org (a free equivalent to Microsoft Office that can edit and save documents in the M-office default formats), so the procedure would be different. But I’m sure the option’s in there somewhere. 🙂

  3. I found another song from Bridge Building Music called “Ordinary Man”, written with Joel Lindsey. I don’t know if anyone’s recorded it, though.

  4. Fascinating! I don’t think I’ve heard it if it has been cut.

  5. Yes, Daniel, Joseph Habedank is one of Southern Gospel’s best kept songwriting secrets. He has truly given Southern Gospel music a fresh approach to youth in songwriting. One of my favorite songs he wrote is “All You Need When You Need It,” recorded by Karen Peck & New River and Dora Pop. Southern Gospel music has a true treasure in Habedank’s songwriting. I’m also glad to see his venturing into writing with other songwriters and composers.

  6. I really enjoy, “When Jesus Prays” off of the Perry’s “Come Thirsty ” Album!!!!!!! And “Grip Of Grace” Those are my two favorites!!!!!! I am also curious to hear the new Kingdom Heirs song written by Joe.

  7. Me, too! I’m looking forward to the new KH project, period, but I’m particularly curious about that one.

  8. I think “Holding onto Me” is the song I’m thinking of and was written by him. The one dedicated to his brother…

    My former boss (OK, actually my boss’s boss) at school has a son who’s really making some wrong choices. I actually got another copy of that Perrys’ CD at a discount and sent it to him by inter-office mail. I know it sounds weird, but I don’t know what music he listens to or whether he would get much good out of it, and I thought it would speak for itself, with the help of the album liner.

    I didn’t want him to feel like he had to pretend to like it, but I really feel that the song ought to give hope to people who are giving up on their loved ones … Sometime I do hope to find out if he happened to like it!

  9. This was very interesting. However, under the “Artist” column, C,S& K was listed. Who is this?