Brian Free & Assurance posts clips of new album

Perhaps a week ago, there was some discussion over Brian Free and Assurance’s new album, Worth It. They have now posted sound clips of ten of the songs—all but the title track—on their site.

“There is a Kingdom Coming” gets the project rolling with a nice acapella arrangement. “Go Tell the World” and “Die Another Day” feature contemporary tracks and southern vocals, the trademark of the last few BFA projects. “I Am Redeemed” is not the Poet Voices classic, but it’s a big ballad in a similar vein.

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  1. Thanks Daniel I like the sound of this new album!

  2. It sounds similar to “Real Faith” except better!

  3. If the clips are any indication, I think the production work on this album is much better than on “Real Faith.” I felt the latter album was over-produced although it had great songs. “It’s So God” is still the album by which I measure BF&A projects. Can’t wait to hear this one in my player!