Carol Woodard leaves McKameys

As pretty much every major Southern Gospel site notes, the McKameys annouced that Peg McKamey’s sister Carol Woodard will be retiring from the group next month. Woodard sang with the group for the last 26 years.

She will be replaced by Peg’s daughter, Sheryl Farris, who has traveled with the group in the past and written many of their biggest hits.

Due to Carol’s longevity in the group, this is a big story, but since she’s being replaced by another family member, one who has been with the group in the past, it’s not nearly as big of a story as if Carol had been replaced by, say, Debra Talley or Karlye Hopper.

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  1. Three random responses:

    Debra Talley or Karlye Hopper…where did that come from? Why didn’t you say Guy Penrod? I hear he’s not singing with anyone right now. HAHA!

    . . .

    Speaking of Penrod, I think it’s safe to say this is one time no one will pooh-pooh the wording of the press release regarding Carol leaving the group to spend more time with her family.

    . . .

    I’d love to hear Carol record a trio CD with Tim Surrett and Karen Peck. They sang a song together more or less off the cuff at the Bluegrass showcase at NQC in 2007, and it sounded great.

    • Would you know the title of the Surrett Project? I would love to have it just to hear her sing? I hear it on XM Radio oftern but am driving and can’t obviously catch the title off the screen while driving..Thanks…

      • I don’t remember which it is, but I seem to think it’s one of the two available for sale here:

      • Love the Mc’s. I attended church with Dora the oldest sister who started the group. She was a mentor for me as a nurse and as an adult Christian.My prayer life changed tremendously after having a chat with her on the phone one day. She told me God is not an entity on a throne sitting in heaven, He is right here with me, and is to be closer than a brother, but loves me more. What I can tell my brother, I can tell Him and guess what, He can take it, no matter how far I go, He never forsakes me.

        I have a range myself between Carol and Connie and I love to listen and sing their songs. My favorite of Carol in lead would be When He Reached Down His Hand for Me.. and my all time face of the group is “Someday”, which Connie does. Close behind is Connie’s How Deep is the Sea, which Dora told me the group wasn’t sure about putting it on the album at that time. She told them, put is on it, it will be a great song… and it was.

  2. On Debra and Karley – well, which members of another family group would you view as least likely to move?

    I could have said Connie Hopper, but I thought Karlye joining the McKameys would be an even bigger story. 🙂

  3. Carol Woodard is one of the finest human beings to walk this planet. She is a kind and generous person with a sweet spirit. This industry is losing a lot more than a great singer. Her distinct country sound and strong vocals took many McKamey hits to the top of the charts, and she will be missed. But the way she carried herself and the way she went about her business is even more important–she is an example many younger artists would be wise to follow. She has always been committed and faithful to her calling and never ever took lightly the privilege to sing or what it meant to be in the public spotlight while being a representative of Jesus Christ. I’ve known her many years and as I’ve followed her career, I’ve never heard or known one thing that would have ever disgraced her Heavenly Father. I know no one is perfect, and I’m sure she would tell you she has many faults, but hers has been a job well-done and she did it with integrity.

    I wish Carol much success and many blessings in her retirement. She and her husband, Jess, deserve a wonderful life together. And kudos to Jess for being such a supportive husband. It says a lot for him to have kept the home fires burning all those years while Carol was fulfilling what I personally know she believed was her calling. She deserves the best and I hope we will see her on the McKameys bus from time to time as a special treat for us fans who hate to see her go.

  4. I am eager to here what the McKs will sound like w/Sheryl. I’ve never heard her sing. Has anyone heard Sheryl sing?

  5. David, I’m sure that would be a great trio. She did a great job appearing on Tim Surrett’s first solo CD.

  6. I heard Sheryl sing once at one of the McKameys’ Hometown Sings I attended, but it was over ten years ago. She was good, though, as I recall. I also heard her fill in when Connie was on maternity leave with Eli, but that was obviously even longer ago. She’s not quite as high as Connie, from what i remember, and her voice had a unique texture to it, much like Carol’s has. But things and time change people and their voices, so it’s really hard to say, but with what I know about family harmony, I’m sure it will be good. The dedication to consistency and the constant desire to put forth their best has always been of the utmost importance to the group, and I can’t imagine that changing now.

  7. Why can’t we add Taranda Greene, Morgan Easter or Lori to the list?
    On second thought, adding Taranda Greene to the group would be a culture shock to some members of the McKameys’ fan base because of Taranda’s awesome powerhouse style of singing.
    The Greene’s and McKameys’ style of singing are both a ministry to people in their style
    Morgan Easter could be a good fit the group’s style of singing.
    We need to get Lori back up on the radar screen.

    Finally, whatever you do in the future, please do not give anyone ideas about changing the makeup of Hoppers or the Talley Trio.
    They are two of my favorite groups but do not get too excited because I have about 25 favorite artists, groups or chorales.

  8. I have been following the McKameys for quite a while, and go to hear them in concert around 20 times a year. I personally love Carol and her voice, however; I am very anxious to see what lies in store for the NEW McKameys. I had the opportunity to hear Sheryl at the McKameys Hometown Singing this past June and she did a wonderful job. I will be attending 3 concerts before Carol leaves the road, and will post pictures for your enjoyment

  9. Even though I’m only 9 years old I love to lesten to the McKamey’s! My daddy,Chris Arthur,loves them too!He even sang on stage with them.I love their music and I’m sad Carol is leaving.

  10. Bahahahahahaha Karlye Hopper with the Mckameys would be hilarious! She may seem soft but I’ve heard her sing a few pop tunes and she can nail them..Try to picture her in her little funky clothes and black nail polish singing with all these vocal licks besides Peg. Now THAT would be a culture shock! haha

  11. Her voice is superb and has come a long way to get there. Is it just time to hang it up at such a optimum time of performance?

  12. The first time I heard the McKamey’s was MANY years ago when Sheryl sang with them. I loved her voice and the group’s sound then just as much as now. As much as we will miss Carol, we need to realize that she is following God’s will and way for her life. Where God guides, He provides and the McKamey’s will keep on keeping on. Each one has been a blessing in my life.

  13. The McKamey’s without Carol is just not the same. Her rich voice made their ideal sound.

  14. My thoughts exactly. But most can’t recognize the huge difference. But I guess she’ll put out something later. She is a soloist.

  15. I have never liked to listen to christian music, even though I am a christian. I just found out 4 months ago in August, 2011 who The Mckameys are. I have listened everyday since to them ! I am also getting ready to order more of their music. But I really love Carols voice in the music, I hope she appears with them in Ohio, as I am going to try and see them in person ..Wonderful music, and the message coming through to me from the music is more than I have ever picked up ! Everything makes alot more sense to me , since I first heard their messages in their music ! Beautiful harmony in voices !!!

    • Carol has remained retired, but you will certainly enjoy seeing the rest of the group.

  16. Comment

  17. The McKameys are one of my favorite Gospel Groups. I first heard of them many years ago when some friends attended one of their concerts in the States. They brought back a dvd of the concert, they’ve been a favorite ever since. We will surely miss Carol, her unique voice and singing style couldn’t be replaced anyway – but Shyrl is a good choice.

  18. Does anyone knows how old Carol woodward is. hoping she will return to the group

  19. when was carol woodward born

  20. I have never heard the McKameys in person, but have heard them on TV and radio, but this past week I had the honor to meet Carol Woodard at a conference in TN and she sang ever night, and OH What a Blessing she was to me and the entire meeting, we Thank the Lord that she has not let that great voice rest, but is still singing for the Lord, she is annointed of the Lord.