Video: Kingsmen sing “Beautiful Home”

Today’s video of the day:

If you ever wondered what Tracy Stuffle would sound like on “Beautiful Home,” here’s your chance. Or, for that matter, Pat Barker of the Dixie Echoes, though Barker’s lines are unfortunately muffled by microphone issues.

Harold Reed’s note at the end is a very impressive B-natural, a half-step above Ernie Phillips’ high ending on “Love Lifted Me.”

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  1. I see nothing

  2. Odd. It’s displaying for me. Anyone else having trouble seeing it?

  3. Displays fine for me!

  4. Weird. I tried it in IE and it worked. Maybe I am missing a plug in for Firefox.

  5. Very impressive ending for Mr. Reed!!!!!!! His style has really changed since joining the Kingsmen imo.

  6. Yes, it has.

    I recall that when he announced he was joining the Kingsmen, he and I traded a few messages after I commented on an online forum wondering whether he was able to sing the Kingsmen-style high endings. He commented that the G above high C on “Glory Road” was no problem for him, which certainly impressed me. I see he’s expanded his range by a few notes since!

  7. The Kingsmen are sounding great!

  8. Who was that playing keys for the Kingsmen?

  9. Cody McVay. Don’t know if he’s official yet or not, but he’s been with them a few weeks.

  10. I wonder if there is any relation to Dave McVay.

  11. No idea. In fact, I’m not 100% sure of the spelling.

  12. Oh, I thought that was maybe the Perry’s piano player.

  13. Bryan Elliott and Stewart Varnado come on stage at the end, sharing the grand piano (which you see in a quick pan). Elliott, the Perrys’ pianist, has short dark hair. McVay has longer, lighter hair.

  14. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the piano player’s name is spelled McVeigh. I believe I saw his name on a church sign a few months ago.

  15. It’d be great if he got hired. The Kingsmen would be well on the way to bringing the band back. I went and watched some of the other clips from that night and what little I heard tells me that he’s a talented young player.

  16. I liked the video!!!

  17. B natural: Where is that on an 88 key piano, keyboard?

    • It is one-half step below C natural.

    • More seriously, the one in question is almost two octaves above middle C.