Gaither to launch a new

Gaither Music just sent out the following press release:

It is an exciting time in the life of Gaither Music, with our brand new five-member Gaither Vocal Band and a sparkly new Grammy Award… we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that very soon we will also be unveiling a beautiful new!

Be on the lookout for the exciting changes you can expect during the next month at In short, it will be simpler than ever to navigate while also offering features we’ve been dreaming of for years. Now it’s finally becoming a reality!

Next week you will receive an invitation to a brand new Gaither Community… and community access will be FREE from now on! Bill Gaither will have a blog there, plus you will be able to create your own page to share with your friends, family and other music fans.

Our staff is also busily working on a new online store, as well, which will launch on March 2. The new store will be easier than ever to use, and more interactive and intuitive than ever!

Member benefits are also getting an upgrade! There will more benefits than ever, raising the value of membership to more than twice what you pay! Stay tuned for more details!

Of particular interest is that community access will be free. I’ve long felt that charging for access to the discussion boards has been one of Gaither’s few marketing mis-steps. It costs practically nothing to have on a site, and is great for connecting fans with other fans—something that can really enhance both dedication of current fans and word of mouth to recruit new ones.

I see that, at the same time, they’ll still have a paid membership, with more features. If this includes things like more streamed live Homecoming concerts, it could spur me on to seriously consider a membership for the first time.

Also of interest is that Bill Gaither will be joining the Southern Gospel blogging community. Wow, I actually found an area where I did something before Bill Gaither thought of it!

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  1. I am SO pumped for this!! 😀 Can’t WAIT. :))))))) I have never been able to afford membership. And as for Bill’s blog…I was actually kinda shocked that he knew what one of those WAS! lol

  2. wish they would cut the cost of membership. Methinks Gaither is a bit greedy charging $45 and $65 – whatever they offer can’t be worth that, and some of us minimum wage people can’t afford that

  3. Sounds great! I am looking forward to this!

  4. I have been a member of for a few years now, and the ticket presales have been more than worth it to me. However, I’ve also thought that charging money for the forums was a mistake. I’m excited to see what changes are coming our way!

  5. Don’t think that, Bill G is greedy. He has a bunch of people, that work behind the scenes. As he can’t control it all. Despite everything that, he has done. So no, it ain’t out of greediness!

  6. I would like to see the Gaither site to be free, becaise there
    are many of us who are seniors and cannot afford the fee to
    get into the site. I realize there is a cost for it, but it would be
    a gift for those of us who are ona fixed income and are not
    able to go to the concerts. Think about it. Lord bless you all