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  1. These interviews were awesome! I especially enjoyed the
    one with Bill and Guy talking about their wives! Great Stuff!

    From the content of these interviews it was certainly clear
    that Guy had no plans of leaving last July when these were

    It is also very clear how much Bill loves “his guys” including
    Guy and Marsh!

    Thank you for posting a link to the footage!

  2. Gaithergirl, I just finished listening to the interviews and once again I agree with you. It certainly sounded like Guy was happy where he was. I also noticed that Guy was very humble and quick to say good things about the other artists who were there. Didn’t hear that from anyone else. Just an observation.

  3. Actually, I noticed several other artists who spoke very highly of the others there. Wes Hampton did, of course. David Phelps did. Steve Green expressed amazement at the ones who had come afterward – that he didn’t think he could do what they were doing.

  4. Daniel, you are correct, as usual. I guess the fact that Guy said he felt like he didn’t belong in the company of the others was what impressed me. Wes, of course, was thrilled to be there and always says nice things about everyone. And Steve’s comments were nice, too. I’ll leave it at that.

  5. Bill (about Larnelle): Wasn’t he great to work with?
    Michael: Yeah, he was the best.

  6. I guess what really struck me about these videos was the
    respect and love all had seemed to have for one another.

  7. I didn’t watch all of them yet, but I reallly enjoyed Wes’ (of course!!) and one of Guy’s and one of Davids. They are ALL great guys…

  8. They all sound like class acts. Both on and off the scene.

  9. Daniel, thanks for posting this link to these videos. I was struck by Guy’s comments especially on #2 [I believe it was] how he has “done some solo work for friends & that was fun”. Could that be the beginning of his solo pursuit? Still, after reading so many posts on different blogs, even on the new Gaither Community site, things just ‘don’t add up’ for me. I’ve always been intrigued by mysteries & maybe I’m trying to create one in this instance of Guy leaving…I’m shocked by it yet, but am so anxious to learn what he will be doing [very soon].