N’Harmony announces New Lead Singer

Last night, N’Harmony sent out a press release announcing that Josh Feemster will be their new lead singer:

N’Harmony is pleased to announce the addition of fan favorite Josh Feemster as the new lead vocalist for the group. “We are honored to have Josh joining us in our ministry”, states Shane Dunlap. “He is one of the finest singers in gospel music today and we look forward to working and traveling with him.”

With the addition of Josh at the lead position, Shane Dunlap will be assuming the baritone vocalist position. Feemster’s first concert with N’Harmony will be held at Temple Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC on Good Friday April 10, 2009.

Josh Feemster and Brent Mitchell sang together in Mercy’s Mark. I heard them together live, and their voices had a great dynamic with each other. N’Harmony was already strong – now I think they will be even stronger. This will definitely be a group to watch this year.

EDIT: Looks like Chris Whitaker has joined Mike & Kelly Bowling. Jeff Snyder had left M&KB for the Greenes, after Paul Lancaster left the Greenes. But since N’Harmony found a singer not currently on the road, it looks like the chain reaction Paul Lancaster’s departure set off will end here.

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  1. I’m glad to see N’Harmony coming back. Always did like the group and enjoyed their music. With Josh joining the team I know it’s gonna be even better than before. Can’t wait to see and hear them.

  2. Hidee,
    I hate to sound ignorant. However, who did Josh replace? Isn’t it correct that they have already done several concerts since they “re-formed” ? I’m simply curious. Thanks! I’m glad he is going to be singing again!

  3. Think he replaced Chris Whitaker.

  4. Actually, Shane moved over from lead to replace the departing baritone, and Josh comes on as lead. I am very excited about this group. Can’t wait to hear them live!