Archie Watkins to launch solo career

Archie Watkins has informed the Singing News that his retirement from his 45-year career with the Inspirations is official. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] He will be launching a solo career, and has launched a solo website,

I would certainly go to hear him in a solo concert, if for no other reason out of curiosity.

Forty-five years of faithful service carrying the Gospel through music is worth honoring! Kudos to Mr. Watkins as he moves into semi-retirement.

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  1. Ok, this makes sense…he is going solo, and ALREADY has
    his website up! So, what gives w/Guy? Why haven’t
    we heard from him? It just raises all kinds of questions.

  2. Fortunately, you’ve asked a question that has an easy answer!

    The Inspirations and the Gaither Vocal Band are on very different levels technologically. Archie Watkins is fine with using a website that appears to use a starter template, while Guy Penrod would probably have a website design on a test server for days or weeks to test it. Guy probably wouldn’t let a website go up till it was more or less perfect.

    Also, Archie Watkins is ready to announce. Guy isn’t.

    One more thing. Archie probably already owned his domain name. Guy doesn’t. Spring Hill / Gaither Music owns As of October, I believe it redirected to; currently, it goes to a blank page. I imagine Gaither Music will be cooperative about giving Guy his domain name, but even if they are cooperative to the fullest extent possible, domain transfers can take two months or more. I had that happen when I was transferring

  3. I think that they might maintain ownership of the domain name, if only because I think Guy will be released by those labels.

  4. Archie is one of if not the Best Living Tenor in Gospel Music. SURE Martin Cook has someone to take his Place but Nobody could or ever take the Place of the Master Tenor Archie Watkins. It is with Great Love and respect I understand why he is going Solo and slowing down. He is a Legend and I have always admired and respected this Gentlemen of Gospel Music.

    • He has one of the most unique voices in Gospel Music and he was a great role model for many including myself who desire to sing the Gospel. What a great man.

  5. Since ARchie was a founding member of the Inspirations, does he still own a percentage of the group? just wondering.