Sony’s Thoughts: Standing Strong Through God Who Gives Grace

Loneliness. It can be such a real feeling. A spouse or a parent or a close friend or relative dies and, instantly, this wave floods in of complete emptiness. Yet, if we think about it, we also realize there is an extreme grace to get through one of the toughest things we face in life. Amazing as it is, we know we will be able to continue on and, no matter what we face for the remainder of our lives, that same grace will still be there because the One who gives it to us will never leave us or forsake us. He knows what it’s like to be forsaken and alone so He sends the Comforter to be with us and to allow us to continue to feel that strength and grace.

If you haven’t yet lost someone who is that close to you, it is still easy to feel lonely. Maybe you have a lot of friends but they have lives and families of their own and, although they treasure your friendship, they just don’t have the time they used to to just hang out or stay in touch. At those times, if you will listen, you will hear that still, small voice saying, “Child, I love you and I’m still here. Lovest thou Me more than these?”

See, although loneliness is real and often not a result of our choice, letting loneliness permeate your life is a choice. We have a Friend who truly desires a deep relationship with us but He’s waiting for us to stop pining for people to feel that void in our life. The fact is we can be lonely and have all the friends in the world. God gives people to us to encourage us and to be His hands and feet but they are not to replace Him. We need to be faithful to thank God for the people He puts in our lives but let’s also realize that every good and perfect gift comes from Him and if every gift were taken away from us, we would still have Him and, therefore, will be fulfilled.

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