CD Mini-Review: I Can Call Jesus (Telestials)

Song List: I Wanna Go There; Everything; One Way Flight; No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus; Free; My Redeemer is Faithful and True; Oh What a Savior, What a Friend; I Can Call Jesus; Through It All; Redeemed.

The Telestials started in 1963 as a female trio; they became a mixed group in 1969 and have stayed that way since. Their website notes that they received several Dove Award nominations in the 70s.

Their most recent project, I Can Call Jesus, features roughly half classics and half new songs, some with traditional arrangements and others with more progressive settings. The project’s strongest song is probably “Everything,” a strong ballad featuring their lead singer. Other highlights are their cover of “One Way Flight” and an original song, “Free.” Perhaps thanks in part to the fact that Michael Sykes produced the project, its production quality is on par with a major artist’s project—no small compliment for an independent group.

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