Nick Trammell leaves the Perrys

Making a top 10 biggest stories list for last year was a little challenge. There were personnel changes here and there, but really only two or three major changes. We could probably make as big a list based on 2009’s first two months alone!

As is pretty much all over Southern Gospel’s part of the web by now, the Perrys announced Nick Trammell’s resignation yesterday. Trammell is the current Singing News Fan Awards Favorite Young Artist of the Year. It looks as though both Trammell’s plans and the Perrys’ plans are uncertain at this time. The Perrys are auditioning baritones and already have a short list; Trammell indicated that God is moving him in other directions but seems to be unsure precisely what yet.

Based on comments so far, it looks like most Southern Gospel fans wouldn’t be too surprised if Nick and Jessica Trammell started a music ministry of their own at some point in the near future. If you’d like a preview of what that might sound like, check out the Browns’ most recent CD, which features a duet they sang, “My Heart Has Found a Home.”

There has also been speculation that Trammell may eventually join his father’s group, but current Mark Trammell Trio lead singer hasn’t left the group, so most people don’t seem to be expecting that to happen in the near future.

Perrys sound engineer Troy Peach is currently filling in until a replacement is found. He filled in several months ago for a week or two during Nick Trammell’s wedding and honeymoon. When I saw the Perrys in concert a few weeks before Nick’s wedding, he commented that Troy was filling in, even though the baritone part was lower than Troy’s comfortable range. On the other hand, people who saw the Perrys during Trammell’s absence spoke highly of Peach’s performance.

The Perrys were in the studio cutting an album, but hadn’t cut vocals yet. The project will be on hold till they select a baritone.

Initially, Trammell’s strongest drawing point with the Perrys was his heritage. But during the two or three years he was with the group, he grew noticeably as a vocalist and is now a solid baritone singer. His shoes will be much harder to fill now then they would have been had he only stayed briefly with the group.

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  1. Nick has such a great sound…almost just like his dad…I am sure no matter what he does, it will be great!

  2. Just in: Troy Peach has now officially joined the group.

  3. Good news, Tyler.

  4. I am not really too familiar with Troy, but it is nice that they gace him the spot since he has been faithfully with them as sound man/driver, sub pianist, and sub baritone singer.

  5. I think this is a very smart move by the Perrys. Since Troy has already been traveling with them, they know how he fits in on the bus already. So, no surprises there. Plus, by using someone they are already paying, they save money–a real plus in these hard economic times. Troy brings both strong vocals and an energetic stage presence to the Perrys, and I personally don’t think they’ll miss a beat. I’m going to see them this weekend, and I’m excited to hear their new sound.

    That said, Nick Trammell is a fine and talented young man and I expect him to do well in whatever he chooses to do in the future.

  6. Here is a clip of Troy with the Steeles…

  7. I think based on that clip Troy should do very, very well with the Perrys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Here is a clip of Troy with the Steeles I think Troy will fit in very well with the Perrys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry Daniel for the double post of pretty much the same thing lol

  10. All the best to Nick and Jessica! It was really strange for me to read this post this morning because last night, before I had any idea about that he was leaving, I dreamed that Nick had left and was replaced by Mark Bishop. lol Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the group with Troy; I’ve been anticipating their new CD for months!