Perrys hire Troy Peach

The Perrys have hired their sound engineer, Troy Peach, to move on stage and sing baritone for the group. Their announcement said:

Troy Peach will be filling the baritone position. Troy has been with our group for the past year as one of our sound techs and bus drivers. He also filled in for Nick back in December while Nick was off for his wedding and done a great job. Troy is no stranger to singing as you may remember him with Jeff and Sheri Steele and later his own group First Love. We have known Troy for years and have watched him develop into a hard working young man. With the economic situation right now going on in not only gospel music but the whole country, we feel like this is the thing to do, this is not taking away from the fact that Troy is a great singer and we have traveled with him and we know his life. He is so easy to get a long with and that counts for a lot when you travel on a 45 foot bus four days out of the week and sometimes more. Troy has a heart and passion for not only our music, but gospel music as a whole and he wants to do his part to make it all it can be. He is already a part of our “family” so now we have just tied him in even more! Troy is so excited about being able to sing again and we are excited to have him sing with us. Troy’s wife Katy is in full support of Troy and his new position with our group. Katy is enjoying being able to stay home with their 3 year old twin boys Clayton and Shelton while they are little. It has been over- whelming at the emails we have received from people all across the United States who love Troy and have ask us to please give him the position. This shows us that Troy has made a lot of friends during his time in gospel music that love him, his singing and his humble attitude. We feel God placed Troy under our noses for this purpose.

JK will still hold his position down as the main sound tech now along with running our multi- media when available. JK said he needed a lot of prayers to do two or three things at one time. But, we know he can get the job done!!

They added:

Last week we were in the studio recording tracks for our new album to be released in May. The title of the album will be “ALMOST MORNING.” We are so excited about the tracks and can’t wait to put the vocals down within the next couple of weeks. We have what I feel like are very touching and heart moving songs. Then we have a couple that will be….. well let’s say we have something for everyone on the album. We have songs from Kyla Rowland, Joseph Habedank, Wayne Haun, Rodney Griffin, Bill Gaither and others. I can’t wait for it to be released.

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  1. I am excited to hear Troy with the group this weekend. I think it will be a good vocal and stage fit.

    I am wondering about the new project though. If the songs and keys were picked out for Nick already on the new recording, I wonder if Troy will be comfortable with them? It may take the 2nd recording with Troy to really hear what his potential is. I hope people understand that.

    It was the same thing with Greater Vision in that they had tracks done before Jason quit, so everything on their new project was keyed low for Jacob to have to come in and deal with. So even though it was a new recording featuring Jacob, it was still him plugging into songs meant for Jason. I hope that is not the case for Troy, but I realize the expense in retracking, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  2. I will let you know tomorrow what I think as I am going to hear them tonight and I can’t wait……Perry’s and Whisnants tonight and Greater Vision tomorrow night. It just don’t get any better than that.

  3. Saw Perrys tonite in Marion, IL. Troy never missed a beat. Their energy reminded me of Loren Harris days. Troy is thrilled to be back on stage and it was clear parts of the night were emotional for him in a good way. A great guy and a great opportunity for him and a wise choice by Tracy and Libbi.

    The brand new Kyla Rowland song the Perrys sang at the end was worth the trip to Marion. If it was any indication of the songs on the new recording, I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  4. Brady: It’s apparent that you and I were in the same service. It was an amazing night. I love the Whisnants too, but, I thought their sound should have been louder. That is my only complaint of the night. The Perry’s were “tight”, to say the least. Troy adds so much to every aspect of the stage. He has enthusiam as well as a strong voice. Can’t wait for the new CD and Who Am I, well, what can you add to that….A marvelous evening and another one tonight. See ya there.

  5. One of the better moves the Perrys have made. Troy will be a great asset to the voices of the Perrys. Looking forward to hearing them soon. Glad they are already in the process of a new cd and Troy will be on it.

  6. I am trying to find a CD by First Love with “Across the River”. I can’t locate it. I understand that he is now with the Perrys. Can anyone help me find this CD?

  7. i really like that song almost morning it really got to me and touched to me very much because i got stuck in a position that wont let go of me but when i go to church ppl understand and they pray for me great song love it


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