Just Heard on the Radio: Chapter 2

It wasn’t that long ago I was posting about an interesting local radio intro to Signature Sound’s #1 hit “Reason Enough.”

I just hit chapter 2 in that saga: The same local station carries the Salem / Solid Gospel feed at nights. About fifteen minutes ago, they played the same song. Afterwards, the overnight announcer (Greg Goodman?) said, “That was Ernie Haase and Signature Sound with the title song from their latest project, Reason Enough.”

Hopefully everyone who heard the song, loved it, and rushed out to the nearest Wal-Mart or Lifeway to pick up a copy can figure out they need to be looking for Dream On.

(Make no mistake, I’m not bashing Solid Gospel at all. They typically have a very high-quality program quality. That’s why this anomaly stood out.)

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  1. wow..That’s a bit of a mistake! lol Probably a lot of people would realize that it was a mistake, though. 😉