Video: Jeremy Peace on the piano

Jeremy Peace, former tenor for the Kingsmen, is now a member of the Old Paths Quartet. It turns out tenor isn’t the only position he could have held down in the Kingsmen:

Given the fact that he can also sing all four vocal parts (well!), he may just be the most talented individual in that host of talented individuals that have had the honor of calling themselves a member of the Kingsmen.

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  1. ehhh….too much track for my liking…naturally anthony burger did his own arrangement better

  2. Yep. That is the main problem with most, if not all, live concerts, and I promote quite a few…hey, groups, turn down the track!

  3. Fitz…sorry you did not care for Jeremy’s playing but I thougt is was awesome!!!!!

  4. Wow…I need to watch for typos….I meant to say, “Fitz…sorry you did not care for Jeremy’s playing but I thought it was awesome!!!!!

  5. i’m sure it was the quality of the video that turned me off but either way, i’m still not a big fan…just consider me an anthony burger fan and i don’t like when people cover his stuff…just a pet peeve, nothing personal

  6. Well, to be honest with all of you, I don’t consider myself a piano player. There are so many other great pianist that overshadow my playing. However, this particular song was our previous piano player’s solo, and I just happened to “borrow” his track, and play along with it. I’ve never heard Anthony’s arrangement, actually, and I mostly just improvise through the whole thing. It’s a fun song to play, and show that the Lord has blessed me with a small ability to play piano, and get the job done for our group. As for the track volume, this song was a last minute call, while on stage, and the volume was not set accordingly. Hope this helps clear up any misconceptions. (By the way, I wasn’t trying to cover any of Anthony’s stuff…as I said, I never even heard his arrangement, and was just using our previous piano player track and improvising on the arrangement I heard him use.)

  7. It wasn’t just the track on this video being too loud…one can’t really tell from a video anyhow…but from the (up to) five concerts a year that I promote, the groups always are to loud. Growing up, groups were able to produce a very “pleasant” volume level, but it seems in the past 10-15 years, most groups think louder is better…I am not to sure this is actually the case. I just hope that groups will take this into consideration when setting their levels…hopefully.

  8. By the way, Jeremy, I thought you did a very nice job on the piano solo!

  9. Well my goodness, what a bunch of [edited]. I have seen some crazy coments in my day, but wow. Where to begin. First off Jeremy you did an outstanding job, I have heard alot of piano players here as of late, and even though you don’t consider yourself one, you did an outstanding job. As to you Anthony Burger Fans, there will never be another Anthony Burger, He was the Best…..period, However I take offence to your attitudes, “well he aint as good as anthony”…duh Did this Video say “Hey Y’all watch this, I’m gonna play better’en burger…..huh huh huh”…NO!!!!! This is simply stating that not only can Jeremy sing all four parts, but he can play the piano. I don’t understand why in Gospel music every single time we try to brag on one of own artists, some [edited] comes along and tells us that its not as good as the guy who did it before. So what, why can’t we in gospel music get beyond putting down other artist becuase we know someone who can do it better or has done it better. You guys remind me of two year old children, “My daddy can beat up your daddy”, “no my daddy can beat up your daddy better”. need I actually type the same over substituting “piano player” for “daddy”……. And just so you know even though Jeremy was not trying to cover a burger song, does not mean that these arrangements should not be played to newer audiences. Gospel groups used to cover and preform each others songs, why because alot of people had not heard them and it spread the message of songs to a broader base. I realize now with advances in media and distribution it is not done as often, but get a life, if I apply your line of thinking, Ernie Haase should never sing “oh what a savior” Lets ban every church and singer from ever singing Beaulah Land, because no one can sing it like Squire Parsons, is this really the road we have to take…..???? I am done ranting, but for Jeremy Peace’s sake let me say this about Him, I have met him, I know his personality, I have seen several displays of his heart and love for Gospel Music, Keep up the good work Jeremy, and dont let these guys bring you down, You can flat out play a piano, you can bring some bass, and We all know that you can forever sing some tenor….. God Bless and if anyone is offended by this post…Good….. Grow Up!!!!!!

    One more thing…..about the track….. Unless you are a sound technecian on stage for the old paths at the time this was being done….shut up!!!!!!! Admire the God Given Talent and stop trying to teardown people………That is all!!

    Oh and in case your are wondering I am in no way in official connection nor offiliation with YouTube, The Old Paths, or Jeremy Peace, I do however enjoy all three……

  10. Well, alrighty then, Ernie!!! I believe you got it all said!

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing this song at the concert and every time I’ve watched the video since then!!

  11. my apologies for having an opinion…and to ernie, i don’t think anthony was the best and i never said he was the best…am i wrong to dislike sig sound redoing all the cathedrals stuff too? i never said peace’s playing was bad…i’m just not a fan…i’m sure there are groups and people in SG that you don’t like…i personally enjoy sig sound’s music…i love their music and their style…but i like the way the cathedrals did their music better than how sig sound is doing it…i know this comment wasn’t intended to bring sig sound into it, but i’m just trying to make a point…forgive me if that upsets you or offends you…

  12. “Fitz” Your apology is very much accepted…… Ernie Haase is a whole other subject….. This Video is about Jeremy Peace, and all those who feel that their opinion gives them the right to insult others by complaining about what they don’t do to please you. I would normally not make something personal, but since you called me by my name I will address you specifically. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and even expressing that opinion, however when all you have to say is demeaning and critical, that goes beyond expressing an opinion to complaining and criticizing. I respect your right to voice your opinion, but let me pass along something that my daddy told me years ago…..”If you can’t say something nice, keep your mouth shut”.

    Now to my opinion, Anthony Burger was the Best, (that is really not an opinion more fact, but not worth arguing over…..) The fact that he won the fan award so many times they named the thing after him speaks for it’s self.

    Ernie Haase is not my favorite, bur I still don’t like to see these very talented men, who put their lives on the line on the road week in and out, These men who often suffer hardship and strain in there families to fulfill their calling in Christ, be put down and criticized because they don’t perform the way “fitz” feels that they should…..Lets love these guys, pray for them, support and encourage them….not insult and belittle them just because they are not what we want to hear, if you don’t like it turn it off,……..again a good dose of daddy’s philosophy would go a long way here……E

  13. OK, everyone, especially after Jeremy Peace himself came on here and addressed the concerns, there’s really no need to get worked up and upset at everyone.

    Please play nice in the sandbox here, so I don’t have to close this thread! 🙂

  14. It is kinda neat that a video of me playing piano caused such a ruckus…my goodness…I have just started playing on a few songs, for our group, but maybe I should go back into hiding, and just sing tenor…lol I wasn’t trying to imitate anyone, or be some spectacular player. I was only playing a song.

  15. Please keep playing! I loved it – it was amazing! 🙂

    But wow…you did spark as lively a discussion as Guy Penrod and Ernie Haase do!

  16. Jeremy, I don’t care what you have to say or what anybody else has to say. I’ve heard you play in person and you ARE A GREAT PIANO PLAYER. You just keep on playing. At NMT the other night the group was taking audience request and you were able to play them all great. You are also a great sound man, as well as a GREAT singer.

  17. Comments here have not been meant to criticize or to put down…but simply opinions. Thank you.

  18. I agree with peace…one little line caused all this [edit]…

  19. Hey! just to put all of this “junk” and critical spirit about things that don’t matter in the Kingdom; to rest! Jeremy… I know first hand what a talent and a gift God has given you. I have only been outa the full-time scene a little over a year, and man the critics still stink up the blogs! Anybody knows that video was not a professional camera, and that the affects of a room are gonna play into a persons ability to hear the quality, the precision and the work that went into the piano piece!

    I am proud to call you and Doug, and Tim; my friends! I know what the change in ministry can do to a group and how fans and critics alike don’t enjoy the change and may never understand it (considering alot of them are not “believers”…..that’s not a judgment call just an observation) I appreciate the way you have helped better The Old Paths, and I am grateful to them for the memories and lives changed. I believe you guys have a more solid ministry now that you are able to fully use the gifts and talents God has given you, and the fact that now you use them for His glory.

    God bless you my friend looking forward to hearing and seeing you guys up my way when we get you booked!

    Singing His Praises,
    Jeff S.

  20. “Anybody knows that video was not a professional camera, and that the affects of a room are gonna play into a persons ability to hear the quality, the precision and the work that went into the piano piece!” VERY TRUE, JEFF!