Post of the Day: Gerald Wolfe on Music Piracy

Two years ago, I did a story on “Piracy in Southern Gospel,” and interviewed Gerald Wolfe for his perspective.

Earlier this week, he went into his thoughts further on his blog, in a post entitled Somebody’s Got to Say It. (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.)┬áMusic piracy definitely stands the chance of putting some of our favorite artists out of business, so his post is a helpful refresher for those of us already aware of the problem, and a good intro for those who hadn’t thought about the issue before.

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  1. I’m small-time compared to some of you folks. Still, it’s all I can do to hold my tongue when someone stands at our product table and says to his buddy, “You buy that one and I’ll buy this one, and I’ll burn you a copy of mine.” I know it goes on but I don’t want to hear the transaction being made right in front of me!

  2. Similar situation. I went to see the Kingsmen one night several years ago. From stage, they acknowledged a songwriter of one of their songs who was in the audience. At intermission, right in front of the group, someone asked the writer if the writer would just copy their CD for them. It was awkward for both the writer and the group. Thankfully, the writer was bold enough to tactfully tell the person no and explained why.

  3. I just finished reading Gerald’s blog and all the comments that went with it.
    The devil knows he can buy a soul but to let him have for the “price of a cd” is way to cheap.