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  1. it’s definitely jeremy peace. i have never heard anyone but him sing Glory Road like that

  2. My first thought is Tony Jarman.

  3. I’m inclined to think Jeremy Peace, too. But he is still singing.

    Did he leave the Kingsmen in ’05? Was it really that long ago?

  4. I don’t think Tony Jarman had the range for that.

  5. The ending sounds like Jeremy, but I don’t think the rest of the song does.

  6. Nope, not me. Great note though.

  7. Wow – that’s cool that you came on here to clarify! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. what note was that? I thought I heard someone say A natural.

  9. I don’t know who it is, but personally, I really think it was a mistake on their part to not use a soundtrack. They really needed a point of reference towards the end.

    I agree, though, that it was a good note.

  10. before reading these comments, i also thought it could be tony jarman based on the first minute or so of the clip…however i don’t know if tony could do that ending because i’ve never heard him do anything like it…jarman joined OTGH quartet in september of ’05 so you might include that as part of “late 2005” and OTGH was based out of lynchburg, va and alot of their touring was on the “east coast” as the video states lol…he’s my first and only guess…but whoever it was, i’m not sold on the acapella version of “glory road”…it needs that old kingsmen band behind it!!

  11. In places it sounds like Anthony Facello, but the falsetto/head tones at the end don’t sound like Anthony’s high notes. I’m still thinking…

  12. Based on the poster’s note at the beginning about the singer no longer traveling, and the range of the last notes, I think it might be Ernie Phillips.(If you’ve ever heard the song “Excuses” by the Kingsmen, you know he can sing pretty high.) That’s just my thoughts on who it might be.

  13. I am sure it isn’t Ernie, and Anthony is singing again.

  14. Does anybody recognize the other singers?

  15. I wonder if its not Chris Cooper that sang with N’Harmony & Safe Harbor and filled in with Legacy Five.

  16. There was a tenor that sang with the Kingdom Heirs for a few years back in the the 90s, David Walker was the name..Reminds me of him.

  17. Chris Cooper sings with a group in SC called the Melodyaires. He left them after Safe Harbor disbanded. Did the video give any inclination that the tenor was no longer singing in Southern Gospel or that the group was no longer singing. I believe it was the tenor for Safe Harbor who was with them before Chris Cooper. I think his name was Robby or Rob or Bobby or some derivative of Robert. I fail to remember his last name.

  18. It was like “Li’l Robert” Richardson or something. I don’t think this is him though.

  19. No, this isn’t Lil’ Robert.

  20. Daniel, do you know who this is yet?

  21. After re-reading and listening again, I’m not sure this is anyone that would be widely or well known. The message said that he traveled along the east coast for a very short period of time in late 2005. It did not say that he traveled with a full-time professional group, and my ears tell me that the group in the video is probably a regional “weekend warriors” type of group. In this clip they sound better than a church quartet, but not as polished as a pro group.

    It said he was a “world class tenor” which is a vague enough compliment to make people think they should know him. From this sample of one, it sounds to me like he was the best vocalist in the group. Since he wants his identity protected, his career/hobby as a singer may not mesh well with his current career.

    In other words, the answer to this question may be the same as the answer to a famous question from my childhood “How many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Pop?” The world may never know!

    Then again, I may be all wet and this could be someone we all know very well. Hey, I have experience being wrong!

  22. Paul – No, I don’t know.

    Whether or not this is a top-level talent or not, at any rate he’s good. Better than some pro tenors I’ve heard.

  23. Yeah Scot, that is what I rather thought. And actually, “world class” made me think something like, “but not world recognized” … I agree that it probably isn’t someone the average SG fan could recognize.

  24. Oh, it’s not going to be Ernie Haase, or David Phelps, or Larry Ford. If it’s anyone known at all, it’s far more likely to be a Chris Cooper or Anthony Facello or someone like that.

  25. If Danny Funderburk or Tony Jarman married a really high sopranno, it could be a son…

  26. That’s not Anthony Facello. Chris Cooper, maybe. I have a fairly recent dvd of him singing.

  27. ok, it reminds me of Rick Strickland in places. Rick is still singing so I’m guessing its not him.

  28. Come on, seriously not Jeremy Peace? I am stumped totally.

  29. Come to think of it, considering he is way too young to be this person, he sounds like Squeeky from the earlier Kingsmen

  30. This is David Walker originally from Lancaster, A good friend,I would recognize his voice anywhere, he went to my church when I was young, And he also sang with the Anchorman, One of my favorite groups.

    • Whatever happened to David Walker? Does he still sing?

  31. Thanks for the information!

  32. I believe that note may actually be a B flat, but I’m not positive. I’m not sitting next to a piano at the moment…

    Hard to describe how that sounded. But a cross between a cat with its tail on fire and an ambulance siren might be a good start…YIKES! Very impressive though. 😆