Alan Kendall joins Melody Boys

Alan Kendall, who has been active in Southern Gospel online for years (including blogging and maintaining various websites), has recently joined the Melody Boys Quartet. I noticed this on John S.’s blog and confirmed it with Gayla Fooks, their booking agent. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

It’s cool to see a SG blogger step to the other side of the microphone. Congratulations, Alan!

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  1. Alan is a great guy and has always shown an appreciation for the history of gospel music. John Crenshaw has a wonderful article on the SGMRadio site that details how Alan was “discovered.” [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

  2. So now that abk has joined the ranks of “artist” and not merely “fan” any longer, when will you follow suit?

    I imagine there are a number of groups who could use a dedicated singer/songwriter!

  3. Well, my voice is definitely not performance quality, at least at this point. I’m not saying I’ll never get there, just that I know I certainly don’t have the voice control I need at this point. 😉

  4. Thanks for the plug, Dean! Like the article states, I’ve known Alan for a long time. We talk frequently, and I am so happy to know that he’s living his dream. He’s a great guy who loves and appreciates good quartet music. I know he will be a great asset to the Melody Boys Quartet.

  5. Hidee Daniel,
    Thank you for informing your readers that Alan Kendall is the new lead vocalist for The Melody Boys Quartet! Like John states in his article, I have known Alan for years at GOGR (since he was a child), and I did not know he could sing! He can evermore sing and fits TMBQ perfectly! I was privileged to see his first two concerts with the Quartet.

  6. I heard about this a few weeks ago, and was really excited. I see Alan quite a bit at concerts and various functions, but had idea of the musical talent he was keeping under his hat – definitely cannot accuse him of blowing his own horn. Congratulations to Alan, and the Melody Boys. We will be in concert with them in Marion, KY in September, and I am looking forward to hearing the group.

  7. Great article, John C.

    I was actually there to hear Alan sing karaoke, and I can tell you that all of us just kind of looked at each other in amazement. None of us knew ol’ Alan could sing, either!

    Congratulation, Alan!

  8. Thanks for the congrats everybody. It’s great to actually know I can do something well after all, haha. On top of that it’s great to be with friends, as MBQ have been great friends of mine for a long time. Having a blast with these guys and hope I won’t let their fans down.


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