Overheard on the radio

In the old days, people purchased radios for entertainment purposes. Southern Gospel radio is still entertaining to listen to, but unfortunately, a good deal of that entertainment is unintentional.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard this on the local radio (WLRD, heard at 12:35 PM): “That was [song name] by the Northmen. I don’t know why they call themselves the Northmen – sounds like there is a woman or two in that group.”

Oh, my.

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  1. oops…

  2. Well, we always hear the that standard cliche…”singing the lady’s part is …”.

  3. Oh goodness…

  4. Wow… 🙂 We listen to enLighten on XM, so my family plays trivia games. We try to guess who’s singing before we push the button that tells us who and what song… almost always when it turns out to be the Northmen, someone guesses a group with a lady…

  5. I heard a clip of “Love Will Roll the Clouds Away” on their website, and it doesn’t sound like they have a woman.

  6. Sounds like you are making a compliment to the tenor of the Northmen.
    The Northmen out of Fort Wayne, IN does a great job keeping southern gospel music regional artists active in heartland of Ameica. Regional artists are the back bone of the southern gospel music industry. There are alot more regional artists than national known SG artists. Maybe about 1800 or so regional artists and 200 of the national stage variety.

  7. Even if the tenor sounds like a woman, it keeps it traditional. Look athe “Oak Ridge Boys”. Their tenor from the 60’s and 70’s sounded like a woman.

  8. OH MY LAND!!!!!!!!!!
    …. what can I say as I’m laughing?……That’s bad……. wow.
    The scary thing of it is that I know a guy who filled in with them alot last year. I don’t know if he’s on the recording of the song WLRD played or not, but……….. MAN, I could have some fun with that one!

  9. Has anyone ever heard a group called the Mark Tra Melle Trio ?

  10. A DJ out here (back when we had an SG station) used to say a song was by the “Kingdom Hairs.”