Singing News announces top 10 Fan Awards list

Singing News has posted the first round, top 10 nominees in the Singing News Fan Awards. They are:

Favorite Artist of the Year
Booth Brothers
Brian Free & Assurance
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Gooch, Karen Peck
Legacy Five
Parker, Ivan
Triumphant Qt
Wolfe, Gerald

Male Quartet
Brian Free & Assurance
Dove Brothers
Down East Boys
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Gold City
Kingdom Heirs
Legacy Five
Triumphant Qt

Mixed Group
Beene Family
Chuck Wagon Gang
Collingsworth Family

Booth Brothers
Greater Vision
Jeff & Sheri Easter
Karen Peck & New River
Mark Trammell Trio
Talley Trio

Bishop, Mark
Combs, Michael
Crabb, Jason
Ford, Larry
King, Sharron Kay
Mitchel, Jon
Parker, Ivan
Parsons, Squire
Paschal, Janet
Ritchie, Charlotte

Male Singer
Bishop, Mark     Soloist
Booth, Michael     Booth Brothers
Booth, Ronnie     Booth Brothers
Brady, Jim     Booth Brothers
Campbell, Melton     Inspirations
Fowler, Scott     Legacy Five
Free, Brian     Brian Free & Assurance
Parker, Ivan     Soloist
Rice, Arthur     Kingdom Heirs
Wolfe, Gerald     Greater Vision

Female Singer
Bean, Peg McKamey     McKameys
Easter, Sheri     Jeff & Sheri Easter
Gooch, Karen Peck     Karen Peck & New River
Greene, TaRanda     Greenes
Hopper, Kim     Hoppers
Paschal, Janet     Soloist
Stuffle, Libbi     Perrys
Talley, Debra     Talley Trio
Talley, Lauren     Talley Trio
Whisnant, Susan     Whisnants
Horizon Individual
Alvey, Brian     Tribute Qt
Barker, Pat     Dixie Echoes
Crist, Breana     Crist Family
Crist, Jackie     Crist Family
Easter, Morgan     Jeff & Sheri Easter
Hitchcock, Toby     Austins Bridge
Kitson, Jacob     Greater Vision
Mitchel Jon     Soloist
Springfield, Andy     Kingdom Heirs
Taliaferro, Bruce     Gold City

Horizon Group
Austins Bridge
Ball Brothers
Calvary’s Voice
Cross 4 Crowns
Crabb Revival
Crist Family
New Desire
Soul’d Out Qt
Voice Won

Young Artist
Brown, Michaela     Browns
Collingsworth, Brooklyn     Collingsworth Family
Easter, Morgan     Jeff & Sheri Easter
Elliott, Bryan     Perrys
Fortner, Eli     McKameys
Habedank, Joseph     Perrys
Kitson, Jacob     Greater Vision
Rivers, Justin     Austins Bridge
Smith, Zach     Crabb Revival
Thompson, Amber     Nelons

Booth, Michael     Booth Brothers
Free, Brian     Brian Free & Assurance
Haase, Ernie     Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Hodges, Billy     Kingdom Heirs
Kitson, Jacob     Greater Vision
Martin, Jerry     Dove Brothers
Phillips, Eric     Mark Trammell Trio
Seamans, Frank     Legacy Five
Sutton, David     Triumphant Qt
Watkins, Archie     Inspirations

Booth, Ronnie     Booth Brothers
Carden, Ricky     Down East Boys
Dove, McCray     Dove Brothers
Fowler, Scott     Legacy Five
Habedank, Joseph     Perrys
Inman, Clayton     Triumphant Qt
Rice, Arthur     Kingdom Heirs
Seaton, Ryan     Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Shivers, Bill     Brian Free & Assurance
Wolfe, Gerald     Greater Vision

Brady, Jim     Booth Brothers
Campbell, Melton     Inspirations
Dove, Eric     Dove Brothers
French, Steve     Kingdom Heirs
Griffin, Rodney     Greater Vision
Howard, Scott     Legacy Five
Hutson, Bryan     Kingsmen
Inman, Scott     Triumphant Qt
Selph, Derrick     Brian Free & Assurance
Trammell, Mark     Mark Trammell Trio

Bennett, Eric     Triumphant Qt
Chapman, Jeff     Kingdom Heirs
Duncan, Tim     Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Dustin, Glenn     Legacy Five
Hester, David     Dove Brothers
Holcomb, Mike     Inspirations
Lile, Jeremy     Brian Free & Assurance
McCune, Aaron     Gold City
Reese, Ray Dean     Kingsmen
Stuffle, Tracy     Perrys

Collingsworth, Brooklyn     Collingsworth Family
Crabb, Amanda     Aaron & Amanda Crabb
Fortner, Connie     McKameys
Gooch, Karen Peck     Karen Peck & New River
Greene, TaRanda     Greenes
Hopper, Kim     Hoppers
Isaacs, Sonya     Isaacs
Penhollow, Terah Crabb     Crabb Revival
Starkel, Tami Crist     Crist Family
Talley, Lauren     Talley Trio

Bean, Peg McKamey     McKameys
Brown, Michaela     Browns
Clark, Kelly Nelon     Nelons
Easter, Sheri     Jeff & Sheri Easter
Hopper, Connie     Hoppers
Jackson, Susan Peck     Karen Peck & New River
Stuffle, Libbi     Perrys
Talley, Debra     Talley Trio
Whisnant, Susan     Whisnants
Woodard, Carol     McKameys

Collingsworth, Kim     Collingsworth Family
Cook, Martin     Inspirations
Elliott, Bryan     Perrys
Fortner, Roger     McKameys
Mote, Gordon
Murphy, Dennis     Kingdom Heirs
Parton, Tim     Legacy Five
Stice, Jeff     Triumphant Qt
Varnado, Stewart     Dixie Echoes
Webb, Roy

Bishop, Mark
Brady, Jim
Crabb, Gerald
Cross, Phil
Griffin, Rodney
Hinson, Ronny
Inman, Scott
Knight, Sandy
Rowland, Kyla
Wilkinson, Dianne

Always Have A Song     Mark Trammell Trio
Ephesians One     Karen Peck & New River
Everyday     Triumphant Qt
God’s Been Good     Legacy Five
How Great It Is     Inspirations
Life Goes On     Talley Trio
Not Alone     Greater Vision
Room For More     Booth Brothers
Something More     McKameys
When God Ran     Kingsmen

Hello After Goodbye     Legacy Five
I Know It Was The Blood     Perrys
I Want To Know That You Know     Greater Vision
I Want To Thank You     Karen Peck & New River
Jesus Made A Believer Out Of Me     Kingdom Heirs
Loving The Lamb     Mark Trammell Trio
The Old White Flag     Triumphant Qt
The Rose     Inspirations
What Salvation’s Done For Me     Booth Brothers
When God Ran     Kingsmen

There aren’t many surprises this year. Greater Vision and the Booth Brothers picked up eleven nominations, and Triumphant and the Perrys each picked up ten.

Oddly, the Booth Brothers’ three members each got nominated for favorite Male Singer. The only thing that could make that odder would be if they each made the top five.

I was slightly surprised to see the Dixie Echoes’ Pat Barker in the top 10 for Horizon Individual again. I hadn’t realized he was eligible again.

But overall, there are few surprises this year. It will be interesting to see if the top 5 ballot is equally predictable, or if a few surprising choices make it on.

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  1. Too predictable….. Yawn….

  2. Seaton, who did you expect to be nominated? No disrespect intended, but if all of this is boring for you, why even be involved? The best in southern gospel is pretty fairly represented on the list of nominations, as far as I can tell. People would be howling and crying foul if there were some obscure or unknown names on the list. I’m just curious to know what names you would like to have seen. This is a Southern Gospel fan popularity poll. Who did you think would be on the list?

    That said, I will say that there are always a few names that cause my eyebrows to raise, either pleasantly or otherwise. I was certainly glad to see the Kingsmen get several nominations this year. They’ve had a good year with “When God Ran,” and to see the fans acknowledge that is nice. I wish them the boost they greatly deserve. Now I was also surprised by the Chuck Wagon Gang nomination, but not in the same way. That one just sort of caught me off guard since they’re, in my opinion, sort of a novelty group these days.

    I guess it just goes to show you that this industry is still, within itself, very diverse, when we can have groups like Signature Sound, Chuck Wagon Gang, Perrys, Booth Brothers and Isaacs all on the same ballot.

  3. Daniel, I’m glad to see, in the end of your post, that Greater Vision got 10 nominations. That would have been weird if they had not, since you noted one sentence before that they were nominated for 11, along with the Booth Brothers.

    It’s a numeric system kind of thing.


    GVB and Penrod snubbed AGAIN! And this was Penrod’s last year.

  5. Good catch. By my count, they have eleven, so I pulled the reference to 10. 🙂

  6. @King’s Ransom – Why throw in the towel and say that Penrod will never sing SG again? Maybe he’ll win favorite soloist next year!

  7. Kings Ransom–I know it’s disappointing when your favorites don’t make the list, but I think it’s probably just more about the readers of the magazine. GVB and Guy are both incredible, but a lot of the readers of Singing News think more traditionally than GVB. And that tends to leave them out when nomination time comes. And, if you are, for example, an Inspirations fan, you’re going to vote for them. And the Inspirations sell a lot of SN subscriptions. And Daniel is right–if Guy’s project lends itself to be released to southern gospel and he’s considered full-time in the ranks of southern gospel, I would he has a legitimate chance of being in the nominations for Favorite Soloist or even Horizon Individual next year, since his career would have taken a drastic new turn.

  8. Oops! I meant “I would THINK he has a legitimate chance. . .” Sorry about posting before editing!

  9. I think the biggest shock to me is absolutely NO mention of Mike & Kelly Bowling. With the year they had and how big a song “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master” was – I figured they’d at least get a few token nominations.

    I am happy to see HisSong in the Favorite Trio category – but find it very strange that they aren’t in Horizon Group.

  10. Radio sucess does not necessarily equal devoted fans.

    Now I wouldn’t have thought HisSong was eligible for Horizon Group. How many years have they been going now? I think they’ve been on SG radio as long as I’ve been listening to it, five years or so.

  11. I agree Daniel, but look at Paid In Full winning it a couple years ago. They even got up on stage and thanked one of their former members for being with them for something like 15 years. I don’t consider HisSong a Horizon Group and I didn’t consider Paid In Full one either.

    Many years ago when I was just a kid, I was under the impression that Horizon nominees were supposed to not have over two years tenure at the national level of exposure. I am not sure if that was a written rule or not, but I remember it for some reason, and it seems reasonable. I realy no longer consider Crist Family or Ball Brothers in the Horizon category, but there they are.

    I do think that HisSong has moved up the ladder the past couple years or so and was pleased with their nomination. And Chris, I agree Mike and Kelly Bowling are well-deserving of some nods for their work the past year or two.

  12. There are many people and groups who others would like to see nominated, but when the votes are gathered together and counted, there IS a decision that has to be made concerning who progresses and who doesn’t. Some of those groups aren’t eligible for the category. Plain and simply.

    However, it isn’t hard for me to believe, for that very reason, that some of the groups that ARE eligible, and that could have or should have been nominated, get the cold shoulder.

  13. NOTE: When I said, “Some of those groups aren’t eligible for the category.” I didn’t mean any of the ones listed above, but rather some of the ones that have no doubt been turned into Singing News in the past.

  14. And ya’ll have to admit that the paid advertisements help certain artists receive nominations that may have not received them without the aid of the advertisement.

  15. Surprised as well that Mike and Kelly Bowling didn’t get an nominations..

  16. Uh, King’s Ransom, you may have missed it awhile back but Guy Penrod is no longer with the Gaither Vocal band and not currently singing SG music….maybe I should get upset because Tim Riley wasn’t nominated for favorite bass? 🙂 🙂
    As for Mike and Kelly Bowling, I’m sure it doesn’t help that they have not yet sung on the main stage @ NQC so people actually know who they are. AND also, I don’t think they have been to NQC regularly for people to meet them. (They may by the time of NQC have a record setting 4 -#1 songs off of one project)

  17. For some reason I thought the Crabb Family’s “Driven” had at least 4 #1 songs, but maybe 4 would be a record.

    Anyway, It was definitely a shame that Mike and Kelly Bowling weren’t nominated – maybe their absence from mainstage and limited NQC appearances affected them. I think Mike was nominated for something last year though, but I don’t remember.

    They’ll finally be making a more prominent appearance at NQC this year, and maybe that will help them. Kelly Bowling was annually nominated for awards while a member of the Crabb Family.

    Brian Free & Assurance didn’t get nominated for SOY – now there’s a surprise…Daywind really messed up this time with pushing a BF&A song in their insert that wasn’t eligible for the award…Thankfully for Triumphant Qt, enough of their fans didn’t heed Daywind’s blunder in the insert and nominated “The Old White Flag.”

  18. #14 Seaton – that is what I tried to say. . .

  19. Perhaps I don’t remember correctly, but hasn’t Terah Crabb Penhollow been nominated in the past in the Alto category? Wasn’t Crabb Revival a Horizon nominee last year – can a group be nominated more than once for that award? Those two items, along with Charlotte Ritchie not being nominated as favorite soprano, are surprises to me.

    I would have liked to see the Collingsworth Family nominated for Mixed Group. This past weekend, I saw them for the first time (it was at a Gaither concert), and they really impressed me. Even my husband, who only listens to Southern Gospel when forced, enjoyed them and asked me to get their CDs for him. (On a side note, Kim Collingsworth’s piano solo received one of only three genuine standing ovations).

  20. I do know that my industry friends seem to think that no matter who you are or who you’ve been with, it does normally take time to re-establish yourself when you start a new group. It’s like you have to begin all over again, and hope that people quickly figure out you are still out there in a different place. Perhaps that’s the mystery behind Mike and Kelly. Maybe not.

    But I think I’d be safe in saying that it takes a good balance of everything to get a career really off and rolling–chart songs, NQC appearances, media exposure such as Singing News and Gospel Greats, working major concert promotions like Bill Bailey or Frank Arnold, record label support, etc.

  21. J. Johnson–Collingsworth Family WAS nominated for Mixed Group.

  22. Oops, I scrolled right past the Collingsworth Family in the mixed group nominees. I’m glad to see I was mistaken in that situation!

  23. J. Johnson—Yes, Terah Penhollow was nominated for the Favorite Alto award a few years back; however, recent changes in their group made her vocal position the soprano/lead part. She can hit it well, although I do prefer her in the alto range. BTW-Charlotte Ritchie doesn’t qualify for Soprano anymore. The rule for that award is that the nominee is from a Southern Gospel group. In other words, no soloists are allowed for the individual singing parts. It took me a while to figure out why Ivan Parker nor Mark Bishop received Lead singer nominations, but that rule applies to them as well.

  24. I say the fact that Daniel Riley and Bruce Taliaferro weren’t nominated for baritone and lead is kinda shocking.

    I’ll be voting for the Dove Brothers where they fall in but am torn between the MTT and the Kingsmen for the album and song of the year…leaning towards MTT.

  25. I am with you Steve also the snub of Steve Ladd at top ten in the Tenor category is mind boggling to me 🙁 I will vote big for the Booths and L5.

  26. The eye openers for me was Gold City’s 3 nominations, Brooklyn Collingsworth’s soprano nomination, and the Booth Brothers’ 3 nominations for Male Singer. Now that Jim Brady has made it to the Top Ten, I may vote for him come May. The biggest surprise in the lack of Gold City nominations was that they weren’t nominated for Favorite Album or Favorite Song.

  27. I said before it ever happened that if Gold City lost Jonathan Wilburn, they were done. While I don’t think they’re “done,” they certainly have years of rebuilding to ever match what they were just a few years ago.

  28. I dont know if this was already mentioned but does it seem strange that Doug Anderson (EHSSQ) was not nominated in the baritone category when he is arguably the best singer in the group. Seemed odd.

  29. I was personally very happy to see Charlotte Ritchie’s nominations. She, in my opintion, has been a stand out vocalist for years and I thought she was often under-utilized. I’m very glad they’re recognizing her! She’s great!

  30. DJPhil, are these not nominations based on last year? The previous year Jason Waldroup and Jonathan Wilburn were nominated despite already having left their groups.

    Last year the GVB had a Grammy and Dove-nominated album, and yet they show up here nowhere. And it wasn’t until January of this year that it was made known that Guy was gone. He should still qualify, as should Marshall, and I guarantee you that had I been a SN subscriber (can’t afford it), I would certainly have nominated both men.

  31. to a certain extent, there are folks who get nominated year after year because people remember their names and aren’t aware of others in that category. Joe H. from the Perrys should get some credit for songwriting and not just Rodney year after year (and I am not knocking Rodney either). It also is a “fan favorite” award vs. top quality singer or group–not always, but many times. I like to vote for new faces and allow individuals and groups who need exposure to get an award.

  32. Comment #28 – Greg

    I was thinking the exact same thing!

  33. Don’t forget that, just because your favorite artist doesn’t show up on these lists doesn’t mean they were not among the nominees. That only means they didn’t make the top 10. And Jim #31 is right. This is a “fan favorite” listing. Your favorite (missing) artist may be a high a calliber singer/artist as someone who’s listed, but possibly not as well-known or highly admired.

    But keep supporting those other artists, and nominating them, and one day, maybe they’ll show up in the top 10, too.