Video: Alan Kendall with the Melody Boys

My friend EG recently sent several videos of the new lineup of the Melody Boys Quartet, featuring Southern Gospel blogger / webmaster Alan Kendall as their new lead singer. Here’s a video that features Alan:

Here are a few other videos from that night:

Also, a nod of thanks to both EG and another friend, DA, who both sent me links to the videos, knowing this would be something that would interest me.

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  1. I see Miss Gayla (Miss Hidee to all her friends) has already left a comment. Surprise Surprise!!!!

    Let me add my 2 cents worth here. First, I am huge fan of the Melody Boys Quartet, they have always been a class act in every respect. But Alan Kendall……..he has surprised me more than words can say. What a great lead singer! Where ya been hiding all this time young’un? Congrats to Gerald, Tim, Caleb and Alan. Great bunch of Christian guys and a great quartet.

  2. Hidee Daniel,
    Thank you for providing a link to these videos on You Tube! Most everyone knows I am extremely prejudiced when it comes to TMBQ; however, this is “some evermore great Quartet singing” – even if one is not biased! ! I can not wait for everyone to hear them in person!

  3. Truly a classy quartet! I have never heard them before…I am very impressed. I really appreciate the older style. Gerald is truly a master!