CD Review: Decade (Legacy Five)

legacyfiveRating: 4.5 stars (of 5)

Average Song Rating: 4.2 stars (of 5)

Song List: Disc 1: I’m Feeling Fine; Joy; Vessel of Mercy; I Found Grace; The Prettiest Flowers; Strong in the Strength; That’s What Grace is For; Out of My Darkness; Jericho Road; I Know that I Know; What a Friend; Steppin’ Out on the Water; Why Wouldn’t I. Disc 2: I’m Feeling Fine; Joy; Vessel of Mercy; I Found Grace; The Prettiest Flowers; Strong in the Strength; That’s What Grace is For; Out of My Darkness; Jericho Road; Steppin’ Out on the Water.

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To commemorate their tenth anniversary, Legacy Five has gone a whole level above the typical compilation. They re-cut ten of their best-loved songs, with new tracks and vocals, and three new songs.

The song selection focuses on songs from their first few years, perhaps because it helps to have a couple years of perspective to come up with a fresh arrangement. There are four songs from their incredibly strong 1999 debut (Strong in the Strength), one from Heritage Vol. 1, (2000), two from their 2003 Daywind debut (London), and one each from Heritage Vol. 3 (2004), Monuments (2004), and A Little Taste of Heaven (2005).

Overall, the arrangements aren’t all that different from the original. “Joy” has a less orchestrated feel (it does still have orchestration, though more understated), and “Steppin’ Out on the Water” has a somewhat simpler feel, without the prominent saxophone that distinguished the original rendition.

The three new songs are all well selected. “What A Friend” has a fairly slow tempo, but the harmonies are nicely arranged. “I Know that I Know” was cut by the Mark Trammell Trio on Always Have a Song late last year; Legacy Five proves that it makes an excellent quartet song. “Why Wouldn’t I?” was written by Liberty Quartet pianist Doran Ritchey, and originally cut on Liberty’s Amazed (2008, reviewed here). Though the constant cymbals through the chorus are a little distracting, “Why Wouldn’t I?” is a great fit for Scott Fowler’s voice and style.

Showcasing Legacy Five’s current lineup on new arrangements of some of their best songs is an excellent way to commemorate this ten-year milestone.

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  1. Terrific review Daniel to me this is their best “Table” project to date. I was impressed by the production quality and the vocals, I am definitely looking forward to their next “Label” Release.

  2. I still don’t see why they didn’t throw in at least one Heroes of the Faith song. Who sang Roger’s part?

  3. Steve: Scott Fowler sang Roger’s parts on “Joy” and “Out Of My Darkness” and Frank and Scott F. split it on “Strong In The Strength.”

    I think that if there’s any way they could, they should single “Why Wouldn’t I” In fact, I’ll make a predicition that at next year’s NQC, if “Hello After Goodbye” isn’t the song on the NQC Live CD, it will be “Why Wouldn’t I.” The song fits this group like a glove.

  4. Is this supposed to be 105 legacy? Why didn’t they just put 15? Wait, maybe it’s meant to be 510. Or maybe it’s 10.5 The Legacy.

    Man, these numbers are so confusing.

  5. Umm … How about 10 / Legacy Five or vice versa?

  6. I agree Swain I Love their Cut of “Why Wouldn’t I” It does fit them like a glove!!! I would love to see them single it after “In a Million Years” it would do well on the charts IMO. I saw them tonight with GV and they were Great!!!! I wish they would have sung Why Wouldn’t I, they sang three songs off of Decade( Vessel Of Mercy, Prettiest Flowers and What A Friend) I agree Daniel their vocal arrangement on What A Friend is very good. And Vessel Of Mercy has always been one of my favorites by them!!!! They closed with Champion Of Love and man did it bring down the house!!!!!! That is the first Time I have seen it live, I was blown away!!!!! I will post a full report on Southern Gospel Forums, If not later today then probably monday. I have a very busy weekend ahead.

  7. Unfortunately, Daywind rarely singles or promotes for the Fan Awards a song from a Daywind artist’s table project.

  8. There are exceptions however think “Know So Salvation” 🙂

  9. Yes – in fact, that’s the only exception I can think of.