Sony’s Thoughts: Don’t Forget the God Who Saved You

I am currently in the process of reading through the book of Ezekiel and this past week, I read chapter 16.  Space prohibits me from quoting the whole thing but, in essence, God is talking to a nation which has forsaken Him.  When this city was born, it was unloved and forgotten, left by the wayside to die. God in His mercy passed by it, picked it up, clothed it, and loved it to the point that it flourished and became extremely wealthy. Instead of gratitude welling up in this city, the city rejected God. It sacrificed its children to idols and committed terrible sins against the very One who had been so loving and kind and who made it what it had become.

As I read that chapter, I asked God to check my heart. I remember the rubble I was in when God found me; I’m very aware that I am what I am today because of Him; but I don’t want to be found guilty of forsaking Him and taking for granted what He’s given me–a life of peace and joy, and a song to sing.

Thank You, Lord, for your mercy and for saving me from myself. Help me to serve You with every breath You give me.

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