Ball Brothers sign with Song Garden

Yesterday evening, the Ball Brothers sent out a press release announcing that they have signed their first major-label deal, an exclusive recording agreement with Song Garden Music. They will be working with producers Jason Webb and Darren Rust to produce their debut Song Garden CD, Breakthrough. The CD is scheduled to be released on July 7.

The Ball Brothers were introduced to Southern Gospel by touring as Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s opening act; since that time, they have toured solo for several years. They are in the top ten nominees for Horizon Group in the 2009 Singing News Fan Awards.

Equally interesting to me is what this means for the Song Garden label. They got off to a fairly strong start, signing the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet, the Chuck Wagon Gang, and a couple of other fairly well-known artists. But after Robbie Hiner and Nick Bruno, the two public faces of the label, left, the label went under the radar screen for several years. But during the last few months, the Chuck Wagon Gang has prepared to release their first label project in several years, and label has signed Roy Webb and the Ball Brothers. They’re no Daywind yet, but it looks like they’re solidly back on the map.

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  1. Go Ball Brothers!! I LOVE their music.

  2. But wait, Song Garden, a major label?

  3. That is the first time I’ve said that of them, at least in several years. But I think that with this signing, now three nationally known artists, I can safely term them one.

  4. Signing acts does not a major label make. Chart releases, units sold and artist development does. Seems like Song Garden has been unable to do any of those things. Matter of fact, even your own statement shows their inability, in spite of a roster of artists who could have, should have, would have done it for them. Yes, you can “safely term” them one but you might want to qualify statements like that as personal opinion.

  5. Well, keep in mind that we’re essentially talking about a different Song Garden than the original one.

  6. Major label? They have 3 artists. Where are the chart songs? Where is the bookstore presence? are they paying for 100% of the project up front for the artist? Do they cover all costs?

    A major label is rare in SG. song Garden may grow into one but they are far from there now.

    Having said that, Congrats to the Ball Brothers. I hope they get proper representation and grow their ministry at Song Garden. If they further The Ball Brothers career and push Roy Webb out front then we might think of them as a major player.

  7. Mark, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the CWG titles, at least, in bookstores, and heard their singles on the radio. But maybe the CWG is more popular in my area than they are in yours.