Song of a Lifetime: Unique Promotion Idea

Over the weekend, I got an interesting email with an interesting proposition from Greg Coghill. He works with songwriter Phil Cross, and said:

Phil Cross is going to start booking some of his weekends a little different.  We are looking for writers who would like to have Phil come spend one or two days writing with them in exchange for the writer booking Phil in their area that Sat. and Sunday.  It is a great opportunity for writers just starting out as well as more experienced writers.

Interested writers can contact him at

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  1. I have had the honor of working with Mr. Cross several times and to say that he has anything less than 100% dedication to spreading the message of our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus is just not true. It is sad but also funny at times how satan will use people to tear down the work of Christ. Look at all the hype about Gaither, EHSS, and others. Keep up the good work Bro. Phil.


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