Singling the Right Song

Two years ago, give or take a month or so, the Collingsworths released their last studio project, We Still Believe. It closed with a ballad penned by Rebecca Peck called “Blessed Be the Lamb.”

Now to rewind the clock a little, this was, I think, a little before the Collingsworths started doing Gaither dates. I was of the opinion at the time that they had the talent, beyond question, to be one of Southern Gospel’s biggest groups, but they were three minutes away from the top. In other words, they needed a good radio song that people would associate with the group.

As soon as I heard “Blessed Be the Lamb,” I thought, for the first time when hearing one of their songs, “This could be the one!” It is a well-penned and well-arranged ballad that fits their group perfectly.

This month, they are finally sending it to radio. So we shall see if I was right.

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  1. Daniel I wholeheartly agree! When I got the we still believe cd, I wore it completely out!!! A wonderful project!! Soon after that, we sang with the cworths about 4-5 times and I requested blessed be the lamb EVERY single time LOL unfortunately they never sang it and I was thoroughly upset LOL but yes!! Great song by a great group and a great writer!!

  2. It all comes down to this Daniel! Your credibility is on the line. If this is not a top ten smash hit , we expect you to shut down your website and leave the SG blogging world for good. We will no longer be able to place a value on your opinion if this one does not turn out the way you predicted.

    hahahahahhahaa just kidding. Looking forward to hearing the song.

  3. I’ve been wrong before. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    And I still think I’m usually right. 🙂

  4. I would absolutely love this to be a big breakthrough single for them. I think they’re kind of the “unsung heroes” in the SG world. They are amazing, I completely agree, Daniel. Hoping great things for them!

  5. I remember when Paul Heil played that song before the cd came out; and I immediately thought that it would be a great choice for radio release. Hopefully, this Rebecca Peck song will do the same as “His Life for Mine” did for the Talleys. But I’m still hoping they record a new cd soon.

  6. I believe they are working on a new Album!!!!!!!! I love the Collingsworth and have since before they went “National” they used to minister in our local camp meetings and revivals!!!!!

  7. singling the right song is so important…it takes a lot of prayer and dedication to the Word of God and knowing what He would have you send to radio…it is a public representation of your group, you know. Everyone who hears it will create an opinion of how you sound based on that little 3 minute span. Good choice, Collingsworths!!!!

  8. I agree that singling the right song is important and I wish the Collingsworth Family well with this new single.

    I was fortunate enough to attend the McKameys’ concert last Saturday night, which was Carol’s last time with them. And when the intro to “God On The Mountain” came on, so did the applause. It’s like “Four Days Late” for Karen Peck and New River. Or “Midnight Cry” for Gold City. People come to concets, buy records, and become fans because of the songs they like and the ones that personally speak to them.

    This could be a whole different topic for discussion, but there are good groups out there who just haven’t had that “signature song” or “career-making song” as they’re typically called. And there are great songs out there that never made it to radio. Maybe we should match up groups who need a good song with those great songs that never got singled.

  9. I have known the Collingsworth family for many, many years, actually met Kim for the first time when she was 13 years old and had just recorded her first project, “Kimberly Keaton at the Keyboard #1,” went on to be a series of 3 recordings, I’ve got them all !!!!

    I met Phil shortly after they married and let me say, from the first time I watched them take the platform, Kim sat down at the piano, played an intro their mouths opened and the most beautiful music I had ever heard began to flow out from deep within their souls. From that point on, I have been their (self-nominated, hee hee) number one fan and will always be their number one fan, I own every single project they’ve ever released and am anxiously awaiting their new project from the studio plus the songbook they have coming out, what fun that will be, as a keyboard musician myself, I love Kim’s “Artist’s Soul” piano solo book and this book of some of their best loved songs from over the years should be just great! As far as I’m concerned, and I’ll just flat out admit I’m very much prejudiced, EVERY thing they’ve ever recorded has been great. I just wish, as a member of the same denomination as the Collingsworths, and having heard them at camp meetings and revivals, that all of you could have heard them back then before sound tracks when Kim’s amazing piano gift was the only accompaniment they had/used and it was amazing then and has only continued, with God’s help and blessing, to become in my opinion the best family music ministry out there today!

    • What denomination are they?


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