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  1. wow. 😮 Umm. Hmm! Ok Guy–don’t cut that hair!!

  2. Cut it, but keep it like Dwayne Burke.

  3. That is definately the “Cook look”!!! 🙂

  4. Definitely not a fan! 🙂

  5. Y’all are missing something. The facial hair would never be allowed in the Inspirations!

  6. It’s creepy.

  7. Oh, I noticed that right off (at least with this photo, being so much closer). But I don’t think anyone would recognize it as Guy without at least the beard.

  8. I’m officially disturbed now.

    • Me too! Lol!

    • I don’t beleive that’s him! I think it’s a joke. He has never cut his hair before. He has always had it long . I think someone is trying to freak us all out!! I just met him 2 nights ago. If he had looked like that, i would’ve ran screamming lol!

      • Umm, Kathryn, double-check the date of the post (and the date of the post the day before, which inspired this one!

      • Do you notice six people have liked this post on FB now? Obviously since you put the buttons up.

      • I mean shared. And 17 have shared the April 1 post.

      • This is the post that will never end! 😮


      • I checked the date. April 1st and April 2knd 2009. So is this Really Guy Penrod in this picture or not?

      • It was indeed an April 1 post.

  9. LOL. I’ve seen some of the April Fools jokes here (the Avery one was fun), but wanted to see others. This came up under the search. How funny.

    • So is this picture of Guy Penrod a hoax?…um i mean an April Fools Joke or what?

  10. I want to see him without the beard!

  11. hey that long hair just rocks, that look is disturbing for me..

  12. Doth not even nature itself teacheth you,that,if a man have long hair,it is a shame unto him?..1 Cor 11:14

    • Absolutely correct, ZANDS. And it the mumbo jumbo we hear about it referring only to the culture of that day is bogus. Nature is not restricted to culture. It is universal.

  13. Guy needs to cut his hair if he will for a charity that helps children with cancer and have lost their hair to grow it back called “Locks of Love” or “Wigs for Kids!” Has he ever thought about that!

    And Daniel, FTR this thread will never, ever end LOL!

    • :shrugs shoulders: Unlike moderators on other boards that you have also, I believe, experienced, it does not bother me when people bump old threads. 🙂