Saturday News Roundup #34

Prayer Requests:

  • Earlier this week, Dove Brothers’ pianist Jerry Kelso’s 22-year-old son Brandon was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. Wet road conditions were believed to contribute to the accident. Funeral arrangements are pending and the Dove Brothers will be posting additional information on their website. UPDATE: From the Dove Brothers’ newsletter: Sunday visitation will be at Kerr Funeral Home in Lexington, KY from 3pm – 7pm. Monday visitation will be at Gross Funeral Home in Arden, North Carolina from 5pm – 8pm. Tuesday funeral will be at Gross Funeral Home in Arden, North Carolina at 2pm. The gravesite service will be held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Candler, North Carolina immediately following the funeral service.
  • Songwriter Jerry Salley’s father, Jerry D. Salley, Sr., passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. The viewing will be at the Ware Funeral Home in Chillicothe, Ohio, from 6-8 Monday evening, and the funeral will be at 1 PM on Tuesday. Chillicothe is the family home town, though Salley had moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee during the last part of his life.

Worth Reading:

  • David Bruce Murray’s account of a day in the studio with the Dove Brothers. [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]
  • Wes Burke’s post on groups that need a career-making song.

Upcoming Reviews:

  • April 10 – Story of a Lifetime (Dills)
  • April 17 – 09 (Booth Brothers)
  • April 24 – Classic CD – Mountain Praise (Isaacs)
  • May 1 – Classic CD – Love’s Sweet Story (Poet Voices)
  • May 8 – Worth It (Brian Free & Assurance)
  • May 22 – Classic CD – Pilgrim Song (Poet Voices)

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  1. The main SH thing on my mind today is Greater Vision. I live in a ‘small town’ area of Western Kentucky. GV is coming through here from Michigan on their way to another date and will be coming here for a concert in late April. Exciting, right? Well, even more so, our choir gets to sing backup for them. VERY exciting!

  2. Very neat!

  3. Did anyone hear that Bobby All passed away?

  4. Yeah, that shocked me. I found out on someone’s blog – Wes Burke’s? – that … well, I wasn’t sure, but it looked like he had been sick for a maybe a year or so. He wasn’t that old, really.

  5. I heard it on The Gospel Great w/ Paul Heil on enLighten.

  6. I looked at my copy of Legacy 5’s “Strong In The Stregnth”, and didn’t see any record label named. But Todd Payne was listed as the producer. So, was this somewhat of a pre- Cathedral Records release before the company officaly started?