Truth is Marching On: Revisited

Roughly three years ago, Legacy Five, Gold City, and the Talley Trio all released “Truth is Marching On” more or less concurrently. Gold City was the first to get it to radio, so the other two chose not to single the song out of respect for Gold City.

Now that we’ve had a few years to let the song settle in, when you think of the song, which rendition do you think of first when you think of the song, and why?

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  1. Gold City…because it’s the only one I own and have heard, lol.

  2. Definitely the Talley Trio! Of all of the versions, I thought this was the tightest and cleanest!

  3. I agree—you have to look hard to find a better version than the Talleys’ cut of this song. I actually heard Talleys’ cut first and I guess that’s the standard by which I judged the others. I think all three groups have a good rendition of the song though.

    Something to consider though: I have heard that the Talleys had planned to release this song to radio, but since Gold City did first, they ended up releasing Orphans Of God, which was a big hit. So, who knows if Orphans would have ever made it to radio had it not been for this situation–which would have been a total shame, because Orphans is such a great song.

  4. I think of Gold City… however, I heard them sing it first and probably judged the others based on the way they did it.

  5. Legacy Five – I haven’t heard the others do it much at all and don’t own their versions.

    Scott Fowler is THE lead singer, if you ask me! 😀

  6. I have all three versions, but my favorite would have to be the Talley Trio’s. Gold City’s version takes too long to start up, and Legacy Five’s version is no where near as strong as the others.

  7. Gold City. I haven’t really heard the song, but when I go to Pandora, that song is always on there.

  8. There are more versions of this song! Jim Brady released it on his new solo CD. ( he co-wrote it) It is a great cut.

    I also have a version of it that no one else really has….the demo version! I have a copy of Jim Brady and Terry Franklin (formerly of the GVB) singing it as a demo to pitch to groups.

    Jim emailed it to me the day after they recorded it. It is a cool cut too.

  9. Gold City’s version is by far my favorite. Of course, Gold City is my favorite group so that could be part of the reason. 🙂 I actually think Jim Brady’s version, on his solo CD, may be my second favorite. Legacy Five’s version would be third, and the Talley Trio’s forth.

  10. L5 closed concerts with it for quite a while. Still may, but I have not seen them for several months. I like all the versions mentioned – but would give L5 the nod.


  11. I would have to say L5 then GC and then Jim Brady with The Talley Trio in 4th. L5’s being a Live version gives it the nod for me, that was a special night and the guys did a awesome job on this song in a live recording, I do also really enjoy Gold City’s cut.

  12. My personal favorite is that of the Talley Trio. I think their rendition is the most smooth and has the tightest harmonies.

  13. I personally think that Legacy Five’s is the weakest.

  14. I think the Talley Trio’s is the best as far as vocals and harmony goes. But often when I think about this song and the message it carries, I feel like it’s sort of a “manly” song, I guess you could say. The women of this world need to rise up and be examples, but I think the men more so, because God placed them over us. I always kind of think that it sounds good coming from L5, in that respect.
    I feel the same way about the song “Preach the Word.” I think it’s Gold City that does that one, and I like it because it’s that kind of song again. However, as far as vocals and harmony goes, I think Rejoice! does a better job of it. Does this make sense, or am I nuts? 🙂

  15. I can only judge from the two I’ve heard (and own) – L5 and GC. My favorite, by far, is GC – while L5 is one of my favorite groups, GC’s version is a bit more moving, to me. (I haven’t heard the Talley Trio version.)

  16. I will probably be in the minority here, but frankly, I don’t like the song. I haven’t heard the Talley version, but quickly hit the button to skip the track whenever it comes up by either of the others. To me it is over-orchestrated and doesn’t even sound Southern Gospel.

  17. I would rank them: 1. Gold City, 2. Talley Trio, and 3. Legacy 5.

  18. Gold City by far…

  19. I just watched the Talley Trio version on You Tube. While I still prefer the GC version, I would rank the Talley Trio version before L5’s version.

  20. Talley Trio……by FAR