Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet to record new album

In an email update mailed yesterday, Jerry Pilgrim of the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet announced that the quartet would be going into the studio in November and December to record what will be their first new project in about two years. (For those who care about such things, their project will be recorded at GAT3 Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina.)

This recording is an interesting case study in personnel turnover. Lead singer Wyatt Wilson is now the only group member who also appeared on the previous recording. The Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet that recorded Restoration in 2005 (a fine project, by the way), was tenor Robbie Hiner, lead Wyatt Wilson, baritone Jeff Stanley, and bass Jeff Pearles. Robbie Hiner is now an executive with Song Garden Music Group; Jeff Stanley has (according to the quartet’s most recent email update) accepted a position with Liberty University, and Jeff Pearles is now bass with the King’s Heralds Quartet, a group whose schedule is nearly entirely filled with Seventh-Day Adventist venues.

Two years later, as the quartet prepares for their sixth album, their lineup consists of former Legacy Five tenor Tony Jarman, lead singer Wyatt Wilson, newly joined baritone Ron Grimes, and bass Jerry Pilgrim.

Although the lead singer has still stayed the same, a group with this much personnel change has to effectively start over with every album, winning (or retaining) fans of previous versions of the quartet. But the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet has assembled a lineup of extremely talented men, and I have no doubt that they will be able to re-establish themselves as a quartet with a smooth blend and a trademark sound.

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  1. This isn’t entirely related, but I was wondering… Wasn’t Christian Davis with the OTGHQ not very long ago? If so, when was that?

  2. Yes, he was with them through 2003. The version of the quartet with Robbie Hiner, Wyatt Wilson, Jeff Stanley, and Christian Davis had one of the best quartet sounds I’ve ever heard.

  3. Thanks! That’s why they call you the SG historian. 🙂

  4. Well, thank you! 🙂