2009 Diamond Awards Top 10 Posted

SGN Scoops has placed their top 10 Diamond Awards ballot online, here. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

While the Singing News Fan Awards ballot is the only one I pay close attention to, it only takes 3-5 minutes to vote in most of the other online polls, so I usually slip over and do it. I did find a number of categories on this one where the nominees were so obscure that I was not all that familiar with any of the nominees, even with as closely as I follow Southern Gospel.

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  1. Is that a joke? A late April Fool’s Day prank? I kept looking for another digitally manufactured photo . . . They are not serious are they? Between the unknowns and the mis-spelling of artists names, I literally laughed out loud! Thanks Daniel for another side splitting dose of humor!

  2. Wow. I agree with Herman.

    Two things I noticed that struck me as odd.

    1. Tony Greene in the Favorite Comedian category? Haha. I guess some could consider the Greenes a Comedy Act, but that’s a little demeaning isn’t it?

    2. Daniel, why isn’t SouthernGospelBlog.com not on the Favorite Industry Website category? Avery’s site is on there, as well as a few others I’ve never even HEARD of, much less visited. Where do they get these nominees?

  3. It’s not on there because the fans didn’t nominate it. 🙂

    It’s not like I was pushing for nominations! Now if the SN Fan Awards had a favorite website category, then maybe I’d make a post mentioning that I would appreciate nominations. I wouldn’t even be there to receive the award if I won for this one.

  4. Oh, I agree. The Diamond Awards falls in the list of sites I’ve never visited before. I’d throw you a vote though if you were on there.

  5. Thanks!

  6. Who are the people nominated for the ‘Sunrise Award’? I only recognized one group because of their name and not by and singles or group members. I’m just glad there weren’t any album nominees from 3 or more years ago (My Favorite Place-2009 SGM Fan Fair Album of the Year—released in 2005). 🙂

  7. Maybe next year you should campaign for your forums site or something … if it would even make the top 10, it would probably gain a little tiny bit of attention.

    Although campaigning is rather distasteful, and …… I can see why you don’t. I probably wouldn’t either.

  8. Remember that I’ve spent some time in politics. It’s not like I’m adverse to campaigning!

    It’s just that…not to put down any other award besides the SN Fan Awards, but the SN Fan Awards mean something to me that the others don’t (even though they don’t have a favorite industry website category), and I just don’t think it’s worth my time to campaign for winning the other online polls. 🙂

    If the SN introduced a Favorite Industry Website category and I was eligible, yeah, I’d mention here that I was eligible. (I’d probably put the spotlight on this site.)

  9. Oh yeah, the SN Fan Awards are definitely the most “prestigious.” I’m just thinking in terms of publicity.

  10. Well, it wouldn’t hurt! 🙂

  11. That’s funny Daniel – cause the SN Fan Awards are probably the awards that I pay the least amount of attention to. LOL.

  12. #11 – Your comment explains a lot about the “SGN Scoops”

  13. You know who I absolutely love and a lot of people haven’t heard of is the Ladd Family. I think they’re up for the horizon award. I know that the only guy in the group is Paul Ladd, brother to Steve Ladd of Gold City, and he sings with this wife and another lady. I think Paul did a stint w/ the Steeles before Troy, too. I’ve seen them at a local church a few times and they are so INCREADIBLY anointed! I most definately think you all will hear big things out of them soon!!

  14. Admittedly, I don’t follow Southern Gospel as much as I used to, but I do keep up enough to know who’s who out there these days. And well, the nominees on this list pretty much dumbfounded me. I found myself asking “WHO?” more times than I probably should have.

    It’s rather sad, really, that this industry feels the particular need to have all these awards shows. I mean, really???? Just because Joe Blo Group didn’t get nominated for one, somebody up and creates their own, rents a building/hotel conference room, etc and badabing… an awards show featuring *drumroll* …every group that no one’s heard of.

    Gimme a break. This is why Southern Gospel gets laughed at.

  15. This isn’t why Southern Gospel gets laughed at LaShay. People who laugh at Southern Gospel don’t even know there is one awards show let alone 6 (or however many there are).


  16. And people who laugh at Southern Gospel aren’t necessarily the ones who’ve never heard of an awards show. The industry laughs at itself. And if you don’t believe me, bring that list to a concert filled with top notch groups and see if they recognize those names on that ballot. They won’t.


  17. Sorry Mr. Unthank. The people who laugh at Southern Gospel are the ones who hear sub-quality music by countless overweight singers with enough money to forcefeed their music into a bottomless pit filled with promotional sharks.

    In defense of the “Diamonds” it is just another group of “artists” who indirectly pay to play, on a smaller scale than the the ones over at the “printed voice” do.

  18. [edited…]

    I guess I don’t see the big problem with these awards. These artists that you’ve never heard of obviously have a lot of fans and they voted. Way to go. Congratulations. The thing is I know Allen Smith (who runs the Diamond Awards) personally, and you won’t find a man who has more integrity in running his awards show. He refuses to throw out votes just because someone he’s never heard of gets a nomination. That, to me, should show the character that he has. If someone has enough votes to get a nomination then they should get a nomination – simple as that.

  19. I would be happy if the Southern Gospel industry did away with all awards shows because at the end of the day they mean nothing.

  20. OK, everyone, this just went too far. I do appreciate that everyone gets frustrated and wants somewhere to vent it from time to time, but some things are better discussed in private.

    I edited a few comments to just the on-topic part and deleted the firefight. And to those who were involved in the part where it got personal, my apologies for not stepping in earlier.

  21. not frustrated at all about the awards. confused, yes. amused, yes. frustrated? hardly. 🙂

  22. A quick note to the individual who just submitted a post saying it sounded like the other commenters here were not Christians: That’s going too far for this site.

    If you would like to submit a more toned-down version of what you had to say, I would be happy to consider approving it.

    Also, please use a working email address in the email field. I would have dealt with this via email if I could have.

  23. Mr. Herman and Mr.Man’s comments are very harsh and of course Mr. john’s coment. I happen to be glad to be a part of the Diamond Awards. We minister in place most pro. groups can’t and want go. We minister to hurting and happy people. Our ministry is genuine and honest. Sorry for being upset, I bothers me that uniformed people can coment at will.

  24. Thank you for toning your comments down and resubmitting them.